Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers [Round 3]

I wasn’t joking when I said there were so many photoshoot bloopers from the last calendar year that it would take more than one post to share them all. In today’s gallery you’ll see all the usual categories of awkwardness represented, from WTF Is My Face Doing to Whoops I’m About To Fall, but this time around you’ll see a lot of I Find It Awkward Waiting For The Lighting Settings To Be Tested and the occasional Oh Look At This Weird Thing Growing Over Here. You ready? Let’s go, kiddos!

8 thoughts on “Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers [Round 3]

  1. OMG I CAN’T! I love you. This is gonna sound creepy, but seeing these make me want to meet you in person and laugh my ass off with you because you just seem so infectiously silly and down to earth. On a side note, the “gracefully stepping off a stump” shot is kinda awesome. I’m digging it!


  2. 1. Totally love that your niece’s dance moves made it into the mix.
    2. SO HAPPY you bought that red suit case.
    3. 11, I think you yelled “I’m Queen of the World!” 11 times. 🙂

    As always, I love your silliness and YOU xoxo


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