Oh My Honey, Let’s Travel The World

There are certain prints that I sometimes daydream about my favourite repro companies using to make a dress or a skirt. Cherry blossom trees, chevrons, bluebells, a world map. If I would only learn to sew, I know, then I wouldn’t have to frustratedly wait for someone else to design what I yearn for. And I mean to, I do. But sewing, designing, pattern making, they’re all hard work, they’re skills you have to learn and hone and improve upon to make something great. I tend to think about that and then bump ‘Learn to sew’ down my To Do list because I’m too busy and impatient to learn to be great. And that’s my own fault. If I’m going to be disheartened and lazy, fine, I don’t get a bluebells skirt. I don’t get a chevron dress with contrasting directional panels. But thanks to Oh My Honey, I can have a map print skirt.

Oh My Honey is a made-to-order vintage inspired clothing company based out of the British seaside city of Brighton. I’ve featured them here on the blog before when I reviewed their gorgeous Candy Cane dress the Christmas before last, a dress so fabulous it was one of their festive best sellers two years in a row. Owned and run by designer Louise O’Mahony, their wedding dresses are so pretty that they almost make me want to find a boy worth locking down–almost. It’s a good thing, then, that they also offer vintage inspired swing dress and skirts.

They offer said vintage inspired dresses in a variety of colours, prints and patterns, all as fun and bold as the next. When I saw the map print added to their proffered fabrics I immediately added it to my wishlist, waiting out the touchy Christmas penny-pinching period and some trouble with my car before I was able to order it as a skirt. Man, it was worth the wait.

Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle SkirtOh My Honey Map Print Circle SkirtOh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt Oh My Honey Map Print Circle Skirt

Skirt: Map Print Circle Skirt by Oh My Honey
Top: White Peasant Top by Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan: Mak Cropped Cardigan, in Mustard from Pinup Girl Clothing
Bag: Daisy Sunjellies bag C/O Oh My Honey
Sunglasses: Countess Sunglasses in white from Doll Me Up
Shoes: Old Season New Look
Brooch: Hope’s Love Letter by Erstwilder

Oh My Honey actually offer this map print as both a skirt and a dress, but most of their day-wear pinup style dresses are halterneck, this dress included, which isn’t my favourite dress style on me, so I opted for the skirt. It’s a versatile piece because there’s several colours in the print, all of which are reasonably muted rather than bright and contrasting, so it will be so easy to pair this skirt with tons of different colours and pieces to create multiple different outfits. The print is just as fabulous in person as in pictures and I was thrilled to discover it’s a wonderful weighty fabric, 100% heavy cotton canvas, so it feels nicely substantial.

The skirt closes with a zipper topped by a hook and bar, which happens to be (as weird as it may sound) my preferred closure for skirts, because being able to fasten the skirt at the top before you zip up allows for much easier tucking in and arrangement of layers, of which we pinups tend to have a few. I gave Louise my waist measurement when I ordered and because all their pieces are made to order in their Brighton studio it, of course, fits perfectly.

Since each piece is made to order by Louise or one of her talented seamstresses, it does typically take 2-3 weeks for an order to be completed and dispatched, as there’s always a waitlist of other fabulous ladies dying for their OMH originals. This map print is limited edition, so if you want your own skirt or dress in this fabric then be sure to order it sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

This map print circle skirt costs £65 and Oh My Honey ship internationally.

5 thoughts on “Oh My Honey, Let’s Travel The World

  1. Lovely skirt and fabric. That is a very reasonable price too. I can see and let know what a monumental task hemming a circle skirt is!


  2. That skirt is perfect! I think I need to make myself a map print skirt now, if I can find some good fabric! But I should probably work on the pile of fabrics I already have first, ha! (I have at least 7 fabrics waiting to be made into pretty things. It’s a problem.) You look so pretty!


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