Candy Cane Goodness with OhMyHoney Dresses

I have fairly good luck when it comes to winning social media giveaway contests somehow, something I attribute to the universe balancing out my otherwise terrible luck by on occasion humoring me with a free dress, so I was thrilled a couple weeks ago to win the Oh My Honey Dresses Instagram giveaway of one of their gorgeous candy cane dresses. It arrived a week before Christmas, custom made, and fit flawlessly, a dress so perfect for Christmas that I bumped the dress I had previously ordered for my Christmas day wear to another holiday event so that this confection goodness could take centre stage on the big day. Everyone who has seen this dress has fallen in love with it, so I knew I had to feature it on a blog post to give you a full run down on how I wore it for the most festive Christmas look ever and to let you know a little bit more about the other beautiful pieces this UK company designs and makes here on our fair British shores.


Glitter Candy Canes Dress (Photo belongs to

Oh My Honey is a Brighton based British company run by founder and designer/maker Louise O’Mahony. It offers a range of beautiful dresses, tops and skirts made with the silhouettes and elegance of the 1950s in mind. From swing- and pencil-dresses and separates to wedding dresses, this small but successful company custom creates each piece for every customer, with the option to order in UK dresses sizes or custom to your own measurements. The Oh My Honey wedding dress range is simply gorgeous, offering incredibly affordable wedding dress options that include classic ivory and white 50s style swing dresses (featuring options such as Audrey Hepburn style slash necklines, tulle ruched sleeves, lace necklines, and organza overlays,) wedding wiggle options, and bridal dresses in classic 50s shapes that feature more modern and fun details such as pink polka dots or bright coloured sashes. For the bride looking to have her dress precisely her own way and truly one of a kind, Oh My Honey offers a Couture line that features designs so beautiful it makes me want to weep.

Given all that, it shouldn’t have been a surprise for me to open my OMH package and find a dress that was impeccably handmade. The dress is lined and boned to give such a classic vintage shape that at first I confusedly thought there was even overwiring involved in the bust, so sturdy is the strapless construction compared to the drooping sad strapless messes your typical modern fashion company offers. No, this dress is simply well designed and well made. It’s double layered so that the glitter candy cane overlay of the skirt is separate from the thick stretch cotton underlay, allowing the canes to swish and move beautifully to both glitter and beguile. There was no choice for me but to style this dress with a rich Christmassy red, so that I did.


A pinup, her cat and her shed

A pinup, her cat and her shed

Dress: Glitter Candy Canes dress by
Bolero: Red Velvet Bolero by Lindybop
Necklace: eBay
Holly Hair Piece: Handmade by myself

Wearing this dress was just such a treat and I’m so happy to have such a Christmassy piece to whip out every festive season for future Christmas parties and events for years to come. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and should I ever get married I’ll definitely be looking at the Oh My Honey dresses first for my big day dress. In the meantime I’ll just stalk the ready to wear OMH and maybe treat myself to a perfect skirt or two every now and then to enjoy in my fabulous single life 😉 Thank you Louise for your generosity. You’ve made me a very happy pinup indeed.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re enjoying any time off your may be having with your friends and family. Wishing you a happy New Year and a healthy 2015.


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