Little Miss Dyann [Retrospec’d] 

My recent review of the Norma Jean was about my first Retrospec’d dress. When I browsed their website that first time some weeks back, I probably added about 10 items to my wishlist right away. As the brand was new to me and costly to buy in the UK and have imported, I chose to try the Sunday Rose Norma Jean dress first amongst my favourites I’d picked out because it was on sale. As soon as it arrived and proved to be a gorgeous high quality piece that fit well and felt incredible on, I began thinking over which Retrospec’d piece would be my next. It was no easy decision.

I opted for the Dyann dress. Retrospec’d offer an abundance of prints and patterns that look authentically vintage, but what I loved most about the Flower Pot Dyann was that I hadn’t yet found any other repro companies offering this shape and style in the bodice. The ruched bust lined by a contrasting red band that loops up onto the shoulders to form the straps, then is echoed again in the belt, is so feminine and sweet that I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Dyann Flower Pot White Retrospec'd Dyann White Flower Pot Dress Retrospec'dDyann White Flower Pot Dress Retrospec'd Dyann White Flower Pot Dress Retrospec'dDyann White Flower Pot Dress Retrospec'd Dyann White Flower Pot Dress Retrospec'dDyann White Flower Pot Dress Retrospec'd Dress: Dyann Flower Pot dress by Retrospec’d
Shoes: Hand bedazzled by me (tutorial)
Cardigan: Primark last summer

All Retrospec’d pieces are designed and made in Australia, and the Dyann lives up to the same high level of quality that I found to be true of my Norma Jean dress. Dyann has a fitted, unlined bodice, closes with a back zipper, and has a full skirt. It’s paneled and gathered but not a full circle, so there’s enough room to fit only a light to medium volume petticoat under it. It’s made of 100% cotton twill so it’s breathable but there’s no stretch, and it comes with a matching belt.

In terms of fit, the cotton fabric means the dress doesn’t have much give so the sizing has little- to no-leeway. I bought mine in a size 16, which is 85cm in the waist (34 inches) according to the size chart for this dress, which is exactly what it flat measures, with no stretch available, only a slight touch of give. So you need to follow the size chart exactly and size up if you’re between listed measurements.

The Dyann dress comes in sizes 8-16 and costs $190AUD. Retrospec’d ship at a flat rate of $14AUD within Australia and $25AUD internationally, and they also have a store in NSW. I got lucky this time around that my parcel wasn’t selected for customs appraisal when it arrived in the UK from Australia; Royal Mail only randomly selects a percentage of incoming international parcels to check them for customs values and payments, so it’s just down to luck as to whether you receive a customs Fee To Pay notice before receipt. My parcel going unchecked means I didn’t have to pay any additional fees, but I was fully expecting a £50-ish bill for a dress of this value, so bear that in mind yourself when ordering from abroad.

7 thoughts on “Little Miss Dyann [Retrospec’d] 

  1. Such a gorgeous dress! What does the back look like? Do the straps just loop around your shoulders leaving it backless (as such) or do they cross over across your back? If the just hook bet your shoulders, so you find they fall off if you lean forward?


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