April Outfits Round Up

April is for flowers and colours and happy clothes, and that’s exactly what I filled it with. There was some time spent with friends in London, lots of catching up with old friends I haven’t seen in a while, and several lady dates, so I enjoyed sprinkling florals and bright colours among my wardrobe choices for those events. Next month is my 30th birthday, so I’m hoping and expecting to use that as an excuse to get the full on glam going once or twice. For now, let’s boing into spring together.


Deco Daffodil Jolene dress by Trashy Diva, Just Be Cosmopolitan Citrus heels by Miss L Fire, assorted gold Primark bangles


Bernie Dexter Chrysanthemum Paris dress, old season Primark cardigan, assorted Splendette bangles, current season Primark cut out flats


50s Tartan Idda dress by Miss Candyfloss, Black sateen slide belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, old season Primark flats


Tahiti Mahina dress by Collectif, Banned Erin Wicker bag from Audrey Star’s Boutique, Bella Brown Wedges from eBay, current season Primark bangles stack, old season M&S cropped cardigan


Apple Tart dress by Trashy Diva, Old season Primak cardigan, current season Primark flats and bangle stacks


Heart of Haute Bouquet print Milan dress from Doll Me Up, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped cardigan from Doll Me Up, old Truffle heels, assorted wooden bangles


Sunday Rose Norma Jean dress by Retrospec’d, Sage Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Assorted glitter, fakelite and woven bamboo Splendette bangles, old season H&M flats, Chartruese bag by TU from Sainsburys


Marin dress by Hell Bunny, Red Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, old season Primark navy flats, Erstwilder red Poppy brooch


Sylvia dress by Voodoo Vixen, Red Signature Double Rose by Daisy Jean Florals, old red bangle, Red Poppy brooch by Erstwilder, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)


Red Havana dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, Royal Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Red Holly Hibiscus hair flower by Daisy Jean Florals, Dark Woven Bamboo bangle by Splendette, assorted wooden bangles, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)


Lilith skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, old Boohoo.com bardot top, Spiked stiletto heels from eBay, necklace from Forever 21


Marnie dress by Tatyana, Royal Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, belt from Havana dress by PUG, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)

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