Marin & Me [Hell Bunny]

Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy Nautical

Hell Bunny’s SS16 line offers the same varied mix of styles as their usual lines–some truly cutesy stuff, a bit of tropical, some kitsch, a range of plain staples, and a touch of nautical. For the first time they’re offering handbags too, but the piece that most stood out to me, lover of nautical themes that I am, was the Marin dress.

Available in red and blue, this dress sports a full circle skirt, pockets, a rounded neckline reaching up to self-tie shoulder straps and a nautical print featuring everything from rum bottles and ragged flags to crabs, ship wheels and compasses. My 4 year old nephew had great fun studying the print recently when I went to spend the morning with some of my family, although he did question why a ship would be in a bottle–I dunno, little dude, people have hobbies, I can’t explain how that ever came to be.

My favourite part of this dress isn’t, surprisingly, the pockets, although I do greatly appreciate that they’re deep enough to fit my iPhone 6 even in its battery pack phone case, but the tie strap shoulders. I think shoulder straps that can be tied manually are not only great for customising the fit of a dress–is there anything more annoying than shoulder straps that refuse to stay on your shoulders because they’re too big?–but also manage to seem both wholesome and sexy all at once.

Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy Nautical
Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy Nautical Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy Nautical Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy Nautical Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy Nautical Hell Bunny Marin Dress Navy NauticalDress: Navy Marin dress by Hell Bunny
Cardigan: Red Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Shoes: Red Espadrilles by F&F for Tesco
Hair Flower: Ivory Blossom Falls by Alternate Normality

This dress is lined in the bodice and closes with a back zipper. I wear a petticoat 99% of the time when I wear a full skirt, but I actually love the way this dress falls even without one, which is nice to know since it means I can rely on it for more lower maintenance wear for casual or practical situations where a petticoat isn’t the best idea. However since it’s a full circle, it happily takes a very full petticoat with ease.

Hell Bunny pieces typically run large and that holds true in this dress. I ordered it in my usual Hell Bunny 14/L, which is made for 32 inch waists, but I flat measured the waist at 34 inches and stretched it to 36 inches. You might consider sizing down if your bust will allow that and you like a snug fit.

Hell Bunny are wholesalers who don’t sell any of their own pieces direct to customers themselves, so pricing and availability varies across their global stockists. I purchased my Marin dress from for £43.99, but you should be able to find a stockist in your country on eBay or with a quick search engine check if you don’t have a store near you that you can check or ask to order in for you. This same print will be coming in a halter mini dress, apron and circle skirt in both the red and blue colourways.

9 thoughts on “Marin & Me [Hell Bunny]

  1. I really love this dress so I’m glad to see a review of it! I think you’ve confirmed for me that I would definitely need to get the length taken up, being a shortie, so it might drop down my priority list a bit now… but it is so pretty and I LOVE the tie straps. I wish more dresses came with them – it would make my petite life so much easier…

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  2. Ooohh! I love the tie shoulders! I ALWAYS have to have my dresses altered because of my short torso that leaves extra room in the shoulder areas….win!


  3. This looks absolutely perfect on you! Tie straps are wonderful — I’m pretty short, so I’m always dealing with straps that are too long because dressmakers assume that women with my measurements are also normal height >:(. Thanks for the sizing info, too! I’ve found that Hell Bunny consistently runs a size larger than most of the other repro brands.

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    • Hell Bunny always run larger–I kind of like that, because it means I can either size down to fit tight or I can size up/true and know that dress is going to be more roomy than my tighter dresses, so it’s a more comfortable option for when I need it


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