Traveling with Tammy [Collectif]

I have a thing for vintage luggage. If you follow Junebugs and Georgia Peaches’s blog, or Amanda’s Modernjunecleaver Instagram account then you’ll have likely caught sight of her impressive and enviably vintage luggage collection. It’s the true embodiment of the meme-tastic GOALS sentiment.

Amanda/ModernJuneCleaver's amazing closet and luggage collection

Amanda/ModernJuneCleaver’s amazing closet and luggage collection (Picture from her Instagram)

Saying all that, I actually only own a couple pieces of vintage hand luggage. I don’t travel a huge amount, mostly taking day trips or weekends away, so I just have a vanity case in red and one in black so that I have something to match any potential outfit. My two cases get used as perfume and hair styling apparatus holders while I’m at home, since they’re a nice useful size for storing small things, but they’re only really usable as a single piece of luggage for one-night stay trips and nothing longer. I’m pretty rubbish at scouting out true vintage though; I live in the countryside where a trip to any town that will likely throw up vintage wonders is 30mins-1hour in the car, at least, and on weekends I’m typically so busy closer to home that I can’t block out a few hours to go scouring through racks and stacks, miles of piles, cases and boxes and rails.

So thank the vintage gods for Collectif. They’ve offered reproduction vanity cases in different colours for a while–I noticed plaid styles last AW, at the very least. But when I attended London Edge this New Year’s is when they really changed the game for me. There, sitting beautifully, gorgeously, perfectly on the display shelves full of samples of their upcoming year’s releases was a large, rounded, vintage style travel bag the size of my weekend tripping dreams.

Tammy Travel Bag Collectif red blue pink

Collectif’s SS16 Tammy Travel Bag Colourways

The particular case I saw was a colourway from their AW16 line, which, rest assured, I will also be getting–you’ll understand when you see it. But their SS16 colours are more pastel, pretty, and cute, with one happy offering in my signature colour.

Tammy Travel Bag Collectif Tammy Travel Bag Collectif Tammy Travel Bag Collectif Tammy Travel Bag Collectif Tammy Travel Bag Collectif Tammy Travel Bag Collectif Tammy Travel Bag Collectif

Bag: Tammy Travel Bag by Collectif
Skirt: Italian Landscape Jenny Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing from Deadly Is The Female
Top: Old Bardot top
Shoes: Old

I was actually gifted this bag for my 30th birthday by my three lifelong best friends, which makes it doubly as special because one of our favourite parts of the year is when we go away for a long weekend together each winter. We missed our annual trip last year because I was in America, so this year it will be an extra special trip making up for that lost holiday together and a celebration of us all turning 30 in the past year since. It’s such a sure thing that this Tammy travel bag will be coming with us on the trip that you’ll have a tough job even finding anyone to take that bet.

Since it’s hard to get a true sense of the size of this bag from stock pictures online, I’m hoping my pictures above have helped you gauge it’s size better. It’s measurements are 44cm across the widest point, 36cm tall, and 15cm deep. It’s faux leather and fully lined, and there’s a large flat-wall compartment inside that’s great for keeping your smaller pieces safe. The handle feels sturdy and substantial, so I’m not worried about it breaking prematurely, and the bag closes with a zipper that travels around the entire curved outside of the bag. Four gold studs on the base keep your bag safely off the ground. The red of this bag perfectly matches my Jessica bag also from Collectif, and the blue version also matches their pale blue Jessica bag from this season as well.

Inside Tammy Travel Bag Collectif

When I took it on a recent trip I easily managed to fit 3 vintage style dresses inside, my pyajamas, toiletries, a spare pair of ballet flats, underwear, a couple of cardigans, some jewellery, a pack of cereal bars, and even one of those mammoth American packs of Oreos which is 3 UK packs of Oreos in one. (You know, travel snack priorities.) I hadn’t even packed particularly carefully, so while it’s not as easy to pack this as it is a suitcase where the lid flaps entirely open from the base, there’s potential to fit plenty inside if you pack well.

Currently the Tammy travel bags (£56) are out of stock online direct from Collectif, but you can sign up to be notified by email if there’s a restock, plus there’s also their 3 UK stores to check for stock. The white pink-trimmed version is available still from Audrey Star’s Boutique and you may find your other favourite Collectif stockists carry this bag. If you struggle to find your own Tammy bag, as mentioned there’s at least one perfect fall colourway coming for their AW16 line, so rest assured this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of Tammy.

4 thoughts on “Traveling with Tammy [Collectif]

  1. That would actually be a great, style-appropriate travel bag :O I always thought those were smaller bags and I didn’t really like the shape, but if it can fit a couple days worth of clothing inside, it’d be awesome. I’ve always used my boyfriend’s old army bag when I’m travelling, but it’s HUUUGE (which is good for me, since I’m a heavy packer) and not so style appropriate 😀

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  2. OMG gotta have it! (Why did I discover the world of late!?!) I bought a similar bag from Voodoo Vixen (mint green with Scottie dogs – oh so cute) and it too is a bit awkward because it does not fully open BUT I got in all I needed for an overnight trip – pjs, dress, panties, toiletries – so fabulous when we checked out of the hotel and had a few hours to walk around the cobbled stone streets of Nuremberg – my usual rolley bag would have been a pain OR we would have had to go back to the hotel. Pack light ladies and have freedom – these bags are great!


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