Vacation Sensation [Vixen by Micheline Pitt]

I’ve wanted to try Vixen’s Vacation dress since it was first released but I made a conscious decision last year to scale back the amount of clothing I buy, and as such I hadn’t yet been able to justify the purchase.

I don’t enter competitions to win freebies on social media because I don’t think that would be fair given that I get gifted items regularly to review here on the blog. However my friend Kat entered Vixen’s Thanksgiving Tag a BFF Instagram contest and because I was the friend she tagged we both won a $100 vixen gift voucher. Vixen then launched their 20% off Black Friday sale, and suddenly I could snap up a Vacation dress guilt-free! Obviously I’ll go into the real details below, but the short verdict? It’s as great as everyone says it is! 

Vixen by Micheline Pitt Vacation peasant dress 60s plus size fit review miss Amy May

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Traveling with Tammy [Collectif]

I have a thing for vintage luggage. If you follow Junebugs and Georgia Peaches’s blog, or Amanda’s Modernjunecleaver Instagram account then you’ll have likely caught sight of her impressive and enviably vintage luggage collection. It’s the true embodiment of the meme-tastic GOALS sentiment.

Amanda/ModernJuneCleaver's amazing closet and luggage collection

Amanda/ModernJuneCleaver’s amazing closet and luggage collection (Picture from her Instagram)

Saying all that, I actually only own a couple pieces of vintage hand luggage. I don’t travel a huge amount, mostly taking day trips or weekends away, so I just have a vanity case in red and one in black so that I have something to match any potential outfit. My two cases get used as perfume and hair styling apparatus holders while I’m at home, since they’re a nice useful size for storing small things, but they’re only really usable as a single piece of luggage for one-night stay trips and nothing longer. I’m pretty rubbish at scouting out true vintage though; I live in the countryside where a trip to any town that will likely throw up vintage wonders is 30mins-1hour in the car, at least, and on weekends I’m typically so busy closer to home that I can’t block out a few hours to go scouring through racks and stacks, miles of piles, cases and boxes and rails. Continue reading

Travelling in Style

I don’t get away on vacation a lot, but this year I’ve taken a couple of long weekends with friends and family, which is always lovely. Less lovely is the juggle of figuring out how to adapt one’s pinup style to the practical requirements of packing and travelling. It’s tricky sometimes, but being comfortable and stylish on the move is a balance that can be struck as long as you bear in mind a few key components. A big one is the weather.

Travelling in summer means you want to wear something cool as well as comfortable: halter dresses, strapless dresses or 2 or 3 piece sets work well, as long as you remember to take into account your own body and it’s needs: I hate the feeling of a tight waistband if I’m going to be sitting for a few hours travelling, so there are certain pieces in my wardrobe that I just can’t wear for long journeys, like my Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny dresses. On my weekend away this summer I opted to wear my super comfortable red Tiki Temptation dress by Glamour Bunny for the drive to the beach with my family. It has overwiring on the cups to give a great shape to the neckline but the rest of the dress is soft and has give, so it doesn’t dig in while sitting.


Day 1: Glamour Bunny Tiki Temptation Dress

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