July Outfits Round Up

After a kind of funky June that left me a bit tired and fed up, I’m pleased to report that July was a much better month. We actually had some summer (a big deal for us Brits, rain-sodden and perpetually cloud-shrouded as we are,) there was a lot of great quality time with family and friends, and there were outfits, as always, lots of outfits.

As usual, you can find links in the description to any item that is still available to buy. Anything not linked is from a past season and cannot be found for purchase any longer and/or is not available to buy online from the website from which I purchased it. To help give you some clarification that might make it easier for you to find certain items, please note that an item listed as ‘by’ a brand was designed by that brand, but items listed ‘from’ means that website merely sells the item and is not the designer, meaning you may be able to find it elsewhere with some searching.


Sunday Picnic Red Gingham Penelope dress by Hearts and Found, White Cropped Cardigan by New Look, White cut out flats by Matalan


Mary Mexicana dress by Love UR Look, Red Holly Hibiscus hair flower by Daisy Jean Florals, Splendette Red Carved and Teal Glitter bangles, wooden thrifted bangles, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)


Paris Border Print Bernice dress by Lindy Bop, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Coin necklace from eBay, New Look flats


eShakti custom tribal print dress, Teal Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, old season H&M flats


Yellow Molly dress by Pinup Girl Clothing, Royal Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Red patent belt, old season Everythings5pounds.com heels


Blue Striped Dorit Dress by Miss Candyfloss, Primark laser cut flats


Red Alika circle dress by Tatyana converted to blouse, Black Tina Capri pants by Hell Bunny, Red Faux Suede flats by F&F at Tesco, Black nylon juggling scarf as headscarf


Black & White Gingham Fatale Prom Dress by The Pretty Dress Company, red patent belt, old season everything5pounds.com shoes


Hamilton dress by Unique Vintage, Teal Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, red patent belt, Crimson Callistemon brooch by Erstwilder, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)


Discontinued Alika blouse by Tatyana, Custom Tribal print gathered skirt by Violets in May, Woven bamboo bangle by Splendette, Bamboo bangles from Pinup Girl Clothing, Laser cut wedges by F&F at Tesco


Marilyn Reproduction dress by Blueberry Hill Fashions, old season Primark cardigan, White Felicity Double Orchid hair flower by Daisy Jean Florals, Red patent belt, Red Faux Suede flats by F&F at Tesco


Mint Peasant top and Paris Jenny skirt both by Pinup Girl Clothing, red patent belt, Red Faux Suede flats by F&F at Tesco

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