Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 5]

I probably put about 5-10 hours of work per week into the blog. Prepping for and shooting outfits, selecting and editing the photos, drafting and tweaking each post’s text to try and make it as informative and digestible as possible so that you lovely readers can maybe shop a little easier, get a touch of inspiration, and feel better knowing what products shape up to be the best investments for your money. So you can imagine how thrilled I am that I am universally assured that everyone’s favourite posts are these blooper posts, the ones where the facade cracks and you can see, without a shadow of a doubt, what a clumsy, silly goofball I really am. Ha! No faux-perfection here, this is a country girl who fell into blogging almost by accident and is just bumbling her way through as best she can. These pictures make that painfully clear.

Honestly, I do kind of love that we can all take the time every few months to revisit my old blog shoots for what they really are, which is to say examples of me clomping around in the counryside battling against the elements of the Great British weather, with my own balance, with my frustration, my attention span, my inability to recognise when someone is still taking my pictures while I tell them a story they just reminded me of. And, of course, the Always, the Unreliable–me blinking during a shot. A blooper reel wouldn’t be complete without a dozen pictures of me looking inexplicably asleep while otherwise fully posed. I know. I’m an amateur, but at least I’m an amateur who can recognise she’s a bit of a clown. Let’s laugh at it together ❤


6 thoughts on “Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 5]

  1. Your commentary along with each photo is what makes this so epically awesome. I just want to hang out with you. Also, some of these are quite pretty! The wind shots in the blue dress are actually lovely! =)


  2. Once I’d paused in my laughing enough to think, my first thought was ‘oh dear god, between the two of us and our open-eye hit-rate (seriously I could publish about 30 of these just with blinking shots, and then some), what on earth do those Vendula pics look like?!’ Let’s just say I’m glad we weren’t in a tonne of pics together, because I’m at at least a 60% blink rate in my pics… If I’m being optimistic xx


  3. These are adorable, and the reason why people probably love them so much is that most of us who take pictures of our outfits have a lot of theses shots…totally relateable.


  4. I always adore you even more when you post such blogs….totally relate, especially since hubby rarely gives directives so there are more bad than good shots.


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