Good Golly, Dolly! [Lulu Hun]

I’ve been meaning to find a perfect pair of navy heels for well over a year now, wearing as much red, white and blue as I do. When I saw this pair of Lulu Hun Dolly High Heels at London Edge in September I knew my search was over! There were plenty of other pretty pairs there that jumped onto my wishlist as well, I can assure you, but these blue beauties were going to have to join the ranks of my shoe racks sooner or later. A cute little Mary Jane style with a killer heel and wipe-clean surface? It was a no brainer.

Lulu Hun Navy Dolly High Heels CollectifLulu Hun Navy Dolly High Heels CollectifLulu Hun Navy Dolly High Heels Collectif Lulu Hun Navy Dolly High Heels CollectifLulu Hun Navy Dolly High Heels Collectif Lulu Hun Navy Dolly High Heels Collectif

Shoes: Navy Dolly High Heels C/O Lulu Hun
Skirt: Jasmine Abstract Floral Print by Collectif
Top: Teal Pleasant Peasant from Doll Me Up
Cardigan: Burgundy Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Petticoat: Jennifer by Malco Modes

The Dolly High Heel features a low Mary-Jane bar, complete with topstitching and a decorative covered button detailing placed atop the Velcro closure. That Velcro fastening of the strap pleases me greatly, because few things get me more annoyed and flustered than trying to fasten the straps on my heel before I leave the house when a puffy petticoat means I can barely find my feet, or a tight pencil dress means I can hardly reach them.

That on-and-off easiness is also echoed in the ease of care for these shoes, as the main upper of the Dolly high heel is made from PU. That means you get the look of a leather shoe with the benefit of a very easy-to-clean surface, in need of little more than a damp cloth to wipe away most marks and dirt. As someone who lives in the countryside, in England, and has a penchant for suede look shoes, it’s good to know that when I leave the house on a rainy day these shoes aren’t going to be ruined by puddles or a patch of mud even on the short walk to my car.

Typically I’m not hugely drawn to Mary Jane style shoes–unless they have a great heel to balance out the school girl feel, which these Dolly shoes definitely do. At 4 inches tall they’re the perfect height for me–high enough to feel sexy and ladylike, not so tall that I might give an embarrassing wobble when faced with mounting a curb or approaching stairs. Even though 4 inches is fairly tall, these are still really comfortable, largely because they fit so well. They’re secure on my feet when I walk and don’t pinch of rub. I got them in my usual size 7 and they’re amongst some of the best fitting heels I own–and I own, oh, maybe 40 pairs.

The Dolly High Heel is available in 3 colours, navy blue, red and black, in UK sizes 3 to 8 for £44.50. They’re available to order worldwide from or in store at select Collectif stores in the UK.

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