Bow-tiful Elle [Voodoo Vixen] 

Voodoo Vixen Elle Cardigan Shrug Green

Have you figured out by now that I like green? Rich, emerald green makes me happy. It’s a colour that is surprisingly hard to find in vintage inspired clothing and I can’t at all figure out why. Jewel toned greens look good on pretty much everyone, so you’d expect it to be the kind of colour that is offered widely across all kinds of clothing, dresses and sweaters, skirts and blouses, shrugs and…okay, emerald trousers might be a bit too much for most people, but you get the idea, right? I’m a fan. I’m keen on green. And it frustrates me to no end when I’m putting together an outfit that would pair beautifully with a pop of emerald green, except nowhere can I find what I’m looking for to complete my vision. There are fewer things sadder than the days when the internet search engine fails you. Oh modern life, you make everything so easy yet so dramatic.

But oh ho, what hence! Is that Voodoo Vixen coming to my aide, providing me with green lovelies a plenty this chilly and festive season?

Why yes, yes it is.

Voodoo Vixen are carrying the banner for green lovers everywhere this season. There’s the rich green tones present in the check print featured on all 4 of Rachel Jensen/Chicago Chic’s guest designed pieces. There’s the green lace overlayed Maggie dress. The Olive velvet gown which, admittedly, isn’t the emerald green of which I ardently speak that often gets shafted, but still, go with me here. And there’s this adorable little bow-centered shrug cardigan, cosy and cute and ready to complete many an outfit this winter.

Voodoo Vixen Elle Cardigan Shrug GreenVoodoo Vixen Elle Cardigan Shrug GreenVoodoo Vixen Elle Cardigan Shrug GreenVoodoo Vixen Elle Cardigan Shrug Green Voodoo Vixen Elle Cardigan Shrug Green


Cardigan:  Elle Green C/O Voodoo Vixen
Necklace: Deep Green Carved necklace by Splendette
Dress: Old custom Eshakti dress

The Elle shrug is a medium knit piece that comes in 4 different colours, this rich emerald green, burgundy, black, and a classic red. The knitted bow featured in the centre of the fastening covers a sturdy metal popper rather than a button or hook closure, which stays firmly closed.

I’m used to my cardigans or jackets running an inch short on me in the arm, which is p[art of why I opt for 3/4 length sleeves instead, but this sleeve easily hits the base of my palm. That means it’ll do a good job in keeping me warm this winter without my wrists regularly popping free to the cold air, but ladies with short arms might find this cardigan runs a little too long in the sleeve for them.

I got this Elle in my usual Voodoo Vixen XL and I feel it runs truer to size than their cardigans typically do, as they tend to run a size large, so I’d advise you size true on this piece.

All 4 Elle cardigans are available in sizes S-XL from Voodoo Vixen where you can get 20% off using discount code ‘vintage20’. They ship internationally and have stockists all over the world.

3 thoughts on “Bow-tiful Elle [Voodoo Vixen] 

  1. Ah, I love this! I was just eyeing a different green cardigan and bemoaning the 3/4 sleeves, as it gets absolutely freezing where I live. I’m thinking that I might have to overhaul my cardigan drawer…


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