Soft As A Cloud [Doris Designs Petticoats] 

Doris Designs Petticoats Grey 26 inch petticoat

It’s no secret: I love petticoats. It is a rare occasion when you will catch me wearing my vintage style pretties sans petticoat. I love the glamorous, luxurious feel that extra (sometimes obnoxious) circumference in the skirt gives a look, especially since, let’s be real, the bigger the skirt the smaller your waist looks in comparison. Even disregarding the fact that I simply love the look of a petticoated skirt, there’s also the fact that wearing a fluffy, puffy, soft petticoat is just fun. It swishes and sways as you move, walk, spin. It gives one a definite princess feel, which is nothing to turn one’s nose up at…Aaaand it has the added benefit of tending to ward off people from sitting too close beside you on benches and public transport.

Basically, petticoats are joyful little wearable clouds and I am always happy to welcome more of them into my life. Trying new petticoat brands is one of my favourite parts of dressing in a vintage style, as a good quality petticoat makes a big difference to how your vintage outfit looks but also, importantly, how it feels to wear it. Scratchy, stiff pettis are no fun to endure, so a soft underskirt makes your entire day just that little bit more comfortable.

Enter Doris Designs Petticoats. I only recently discovered this brand on Instagram but I could tell just by looking at their pictures that their line offered truly soft petticoats. Spoiler alert: I was right. And now that we’re finally in December, I think it’s time I twirl into some festive fun as we take a look at this pretty petti.


Without petticoat

Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch Doris Designs Petticoat grey 26 inch

Petticoat: Grey Petticoat (26″ inches) C/O Doris Designs
Dress: Gigi dress by the Pretty Dress Company
Shoes: Joyce black satin mules by Lindy Bop

There’s a lot of wonderful things to say about my Doris petticoat, I’m pleased to say. There’s the fact that each petticoat is made with over 36 meters of soft light chiffon, which is what gives the skirts such bouncy fullness and your legs such happy comfort. There’s also the fact that they’re available in over 20 beautiful colours, including shades I don’t think I’ve ever seen readily offered elsewhere, like this gorgeous soft neutral grey. Deciding which colour I wanted was a truly difficult decision, as the beautiful bluebell purple, rich blush red and perfect navy colourways were all calling my name alongside my eventually-selected grey favourite.

Offering convenient variety, each petticoat can be ordered in 17, 21 and 26 inch lengths, the latter of which is the perfect fit for all my tea length vintage style dresses. All the petticoats are one size, made with an elasticated waistband that features an internal adjustable button that can be moved along the waistband to create the perfect fit for you, from unstretched at 23 inches to 43 inches fully stretched. Said waistband is finished off with a lovely satin ribbon.

Apart from how utterly gorgeous and soft this petticoat is, I love that it comes with its own cotton dustbag for compact storage. All my other petticoats tend to live jumbled at the bottom of my wardrobe most of the time, with brief intervals of being organised into dustbags stolen off handbags or shoes I own that are never store away properly either. This bag sports the Doris Designs logo, ensuring I’ll be able to find my Doris petti easily amongst that fluffy muddle.

Overall, this is a wonderful medium volume petticoat that’s so soft and comfortable to wear that it’s a perfect petticoat option for those of us vintage-style ladies who wear underskirts regularly and for long periods of time. For ladies looking for a special occasion petticoat, especially to complete a bridal or wedding party look, the quality of product and wide selection of colours means you’re bound to find the right petticoat for finishing off your outfit in style.

Doris Designs Petticoats cost £63-69 depending on length, but the lovely Doris is offering you 20% off with discount code ‘missamymay2016’ until Decmber 25th whilst stocks last. International shipping is available.

3 thoughts on “Soft As A Cloud [Doris Designs Petticoats] 

  1. Gorgeous petticoat, I love chiffon petticoats and I have many Sams petticoats (Vivien of Holloway and TopVintage sell them) in different colors and a couple of Banned petticoats, which are very similar except that they have an additional underskirt as well. There is nothing nicer than a fluffy chiffon petticoat with huge volume. More is more, after all!


  2. Thanks for the lovely review! I saved the code until today but sadly it doesn´t work anymore :((( Thats very sad I thought until includes the 25th so it is here in Germany, so its absolutly my fault :((( Well then I wait with my order when I saved a little bit money because yet I would have bought only one and I want defintly more! But I am happy so about your review I discovered the brand before but I love to read reviews so I know the “costumer side”! I am looking forward to this fluffines ❤


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