Soft As A Cloud [Doris Designs Petticoats] 

Doris Designs Petticoats Grey 26 inch petticoat

It’s no secret: I love petticoats. It is a rare occasion when you will catch me wearing my vintage style pretties sans petticoat. I love the glamorous, luxurious feel that extra (sometimes obnoxious) circumference in the skirt gives a look, especially since, let’s be real, the bigger the skirt the smaller your waist looks in comparison. Even disregarding the fact that I simply love the look of a petticoated skirt, there’s also the fact that wearing a fluffy, puffy, soft petticoat is just fun. It swishes and sways as you move, walk, spin. It gives one a definite princess feel, which is nothing to turn one’s nose up at…Aaaand it has the added benefit of tending to ward off people from sitting too close beside you on benches and public transport.

Basically, petticoats are joyful little wearable clouds and I am always happy to welcome more of them into my life. Trying new petticoat brands is one of my favourite parts of dressing in a vintage style, as a good quality petticoat makes a big difference to how your vintage outfit looks but also, importantly, how it feels to wear it. Scratchy, stiff pettis are no fun to endure, so a soft underskirt makes your entire day just that little bit more comfortable.

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