Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 7]

Hey, hey, whaddayou know? Time to look at me being ugly and weird again! LET’S DO THIS!

12 thoughts on “Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 7]

  1. OH GOD I WAS TRYING SO HAD NOT TO CRACK UP! Seriosly I agree with Cici, you need a “not safe for work because you will laugh yourself out of your chair” warning. ❤ thanks for sharing and giving me a laugh today. I love it when you do these posts, and honestly, I make a lot of weird faces in pictures too. XD So im with ya.


    • Believe me, there are some so atrocious I automatically delete them when I first begin sifting through the photoset before editing. It’s always funny to go back through the bloopers folder a few months later though to get these posts ready and see what nonsense I’d been up to that I’d already forgotten about!!

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    • Twirling is the worst! I have a habit of forgetting to forewarn my photographer the next pic will be a twirl attempt, so often they end up going ‘oh oops, I didn’t realise’ and then I apologise and then we do a series of them counting down to try to get it and they generally all look as un-useable as the first when we weren’t even in sync or prepared 😂 if I’m lucky we get one good one, and half the time I don’t even end up including it in the blog set anyway.


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