For Luna, For Me 

I’m not a sunbather, nor a swimmer, so it’s a bit of a disappointment that I can’t generally justify the cuteness that is vintage style swimwear. A high waisted bikini looks good on every body, not to mention a good vintage inspired one piece with flattering ruching. It’s the latter that I was most tempted by when For Luna contacted me about reviewing one of their pieces, even though that email came in late winter and there is nothing tempting about swimwear during a British winter. Still, one look through their collection and I knew I couldn’t resist–okay, so maybe I don’t swim or sunbathe, but I do hot tub and that’s good enough for me.

For Luna offer a gorgeous range of pieces, both one piece and bikinis, plain and patterned, and most available thankfully in plus sizes as well. Whether you’re feeling fruity, sultry or a bit polka dotty, there’s a swimsuit for your precious, gorgeous body no matter it’s size.

For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus sizeFor Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus sizeFor Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus size For Luna Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit plus sizeSwimsuit: Carmen Exotic Flowers Retro Swimsuit C/O For Luna
Hat: Old Select
Parasol: Old (Similar)
Bangles: Splendette woven bangle + thrifted bamboo bangles
Shoes: Old F&F at Tesco

The area I’m most self conscious about is my stomach, so with that in mind I chose the Carmen suit in Exotic Flower print, knowing a bold print would help disguise wobbly bits better than a plain suit. For ladies who feel similarly self conscious in swimwear, choosing a bold pattern is a good way to help trick the eye into overlooking shadows or bulges, not to mention making for a fun, summery wear for you to enjoy to help you feel more comfortable two fold. The ruching across the mid section of this suit is also a great way to help disguise certain areas you might feel concerned about, as it’s skimming and flattering on all body types.

Even nothing those tips, though, it’s important you don’t forget that your body is gorgeous and wonderful, squishy parts included, and that choosing a suit with ‘disguising’ features is only beneficial if it helps you feel more confident in wearing swimwear, and not something anyone is required to do, ever. Let’s all be honest that we’re used to seeing svelte, willowy and lithe ladies sporting swimwear in our media more often than not and that can make us feel like we shouldn’t be wearing it if we don’t match that body type, but every single body is a bikini body–all you gotta do is put a bikini on it. Bam! Babein’ and ready for sun and fun. (Don’t forget your sunscreen though, that’s another important PSA you need to remember.)

This suit itself functions as SPF 50+ on your body, a great feature for the skin-conscious. It has a skirted front and full brief cut in the back, together giving it that perfect retro feel. Plus the floral pattern is just lovely, balancing the bright colours of the flowers against the black background so that it’s eye-catching without being overwhelming.

For Luna were very helpful in helping me decide which size I should wear as it’s been at least a couple years since I’ve bought any swimwear and my measurements  fall into different sizes on the size chart. In general I’m a 16/18 across UK clothing brands, so we decided I should opt for the 18 since my 50 inch hips are awesome but also prone to making swimwear cut in to create that slightly awkward upper thigh-butt bulge. In the 18 I didn’t have that problem, so there’s a decent amount of forgiveness in the sizing. There’s tummy control to help you feel a bit more sucked in but nothing drastic, don’t worry, this doesn’t feel like you’ve agreed to go swimming in your Spanx. It ties with halter straps and there’s also a sturdy under bust support band, side stays and soft padded cups, so you’ll still feel supported even without underwires.

The Carmen Exotic Flowers swimsuit comes in UK sizes 8-24 for £72, or is available in the same print as a high waisted bikini in sizes 8-18. This swimsuit style is also available in a ton of other prints and solids, all costing between £69-72, so there’s options for every taste. For Luna ship internationally.

10 thoughts on “For Luna, For Me 

  1. You look great, its such a lovely suit and really does suit you, i keep coming close to buying one but keep hesitating.
    There never is any pics of the inside of the garments to show the support (okay not the most glamorous of angles) but i am currently a slave the the underwire, big boob problems.
    i would love this to work for me.


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