The Best Western [Lil’ Lou Lou]

Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt

This skirt and I have been a long time in the making. The first time I saw it featured on Lil’ Lou Lou’s Instagram account last summer it danced to the top of my To Buy list. Those zig zags, the adorable tiers, the gold! It was. too. cute. I messaged owner Lily on IG to ask about the release date and she was perfectly lovely and helpful in her replies. As it happened, however, production of the skirt ended up falling back ’til this spring, when Lily sweetly contacted me to let me know the skirt was now available and she would love to send one over for me.


It arrived perfect and shimmering and full of southwestern charm. For those that don’t know, the South West comprises Arizona and New Mexico, with some disagreement between folks as to whether it also includes portions of southern Colorado, Utah, the horn of Texas, a triangle of Nevada and the most desert-y southern areas of California. Think desert and mountains, cacti and scrub, canyons and dry, dry heat.

For me, it reminds me of my time with loved ones in Texas. Last time I visited, on my second night staying with my Texan adoptive-friend-family they gifted me a cowboy hat, which sits now in the corner of my room, creamy and sturdy and full of good memories.

Ever since I came home from that visit I’ve been wanting to use that hat in a blog post, waiting and waiting for just the right outfit to come along that reminded me of my Texan family. Well y’all better get ready, because this skirt was just what I was waiting for, and for one sunny Sunday in the corner of a little British park, I got all the Southern feels.

Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt

Skirt: Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt C/O Lil’ Lou Lou
Top: Sabrina top from Deadly is the Female
Shoes: Old F&F at Tesco
Hat: Gifted by my Texan loved ones
Petticoat: Jennifer by Malco Modes

Proudly made in LA, Lil’ Lou Lou is one of those fabulous woman run small businesses that we’re lucky to see fiercely represented in the pinup and rockabilly community. Owner and designer Lily Dueñas began the company in 2007 while she was still in college, first selling hair accessories at car shows with enough success to pay for her books and tuition. After graduating, she continued to expand her company to bring her customers the best quality, fresh designs she could offer, now producing both women’s and children’s clothing in addition to those original hair accessories. It’s women like Lily who make me proud to be part of this community, this sisterhood, and I’m so thrilled to be able to feature such an inspiring, brilliant small business here on the blog for you all.

Now, let’s get down to it with this skirt. It comprises three alternating patterned tiers to make up a full, gathered skirt with plenty of volume and loads of twirl. It can easily fit a medium-full volume petticoat underneath, though it’s only 23 inches long so you’ll need to make sure your petticoat will fit that length; my Jennifer petticoat by Malco Modes was a perfect length match. The gold in the pattern really is metallic gold, which I love, as you don’t see often that in prints and I think it gives the skirt an extra dimension of interest.

I asked for this skirt in the 1X, listed as being for 34-36 inches waists. It’s made of 100% quality cotton which means it’s non-stretch, so it’s important to check Lil’ Lou Lou’s sizing on the product page if you’re not familiar with their sizing. The skirt closes with a zipper topped with a button, to be worn at the side, not the back. The waistband flat measures at 35.4 inches, making it true to size. As there’s a button at the waistband it would be possible to move it over slightly to get a tighter fit if your waist is nearer 34 inches.

Overall, this skirt is so adorable and fun that I’m a little concerned my best friend might steal it to wear to the line dancing classes she goes to every Wednesday night.

The Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt is available in sizes XS-4X and costs $108, available for international delivery. All Lil’ Lou Lou items are made in the USA, and you can keep up to date with the company on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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