The Best Western [Lil’ Lou Lou]

Lil' Lou Lou Boogie Woogie Southwestern skirt

This skirt and I have been a long time in the making. The first time I saw it featured on Lil’ Lou Lou’s Instagram account last summer it danced¬†to the top of my To Buy list. Those zig zags, the adorable tiers, the gold! It was. too. cute. I messaged owner Lily on IG to ask about the release date and she was perfectly lovely and helpful in her replies. As it happened, however, production of the skirt ended up falling back ’til this spring, when Lily¬†sweetly contacted me to let me know the skirt was now available and she would love to send one over for me.


It arrived perfect and shimmering and full of southwestern charm. For those that don’t know, the South West comprises Arizona and New Mexico, with some disagreement between folks as to whether it also includes portions of southern Colorado, Utah, the horn of Texas, a triangle of Nevada and the most desert-y southern areas of California. Think desert and mountains, cacti and scrub, canyons and dry, dry heat. Continue reading