Stripes Never Fail [Miss Candyfloss]

Miss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dress

Every season I look forward to visiting the Miss Candyfloss booth at London Edge, not just to see what pretty things will be coming out in the new line but also to have a little chat with the lovely ladies behind the brand. On the whole Miss Candyfloss is a classic, fairly modestly styled line, offering a ton of staple wardrobe pieces that can be worn across seasons and across occasions. For their Autumn-Winter ranges I love to see what sleeved dresses they put out because they truly excel at making them, but for their Spring-Summer lines I get excited to see what prints they’ll be focusing on for the season.

For SS17 they’ve given us The Housewife Collection, featuring a lot of fun options for novelty lovers, with daisies, multicoloured bicycles, kitchen utensil prints, and gingham galore alongside solid pastels and brights. As I’m not much novelty-inclined a lot of their printed pieces aren’t for me, but the very first moment I spotted the beige, mocha and blue stripes of this Lovis-Dora dress in their Lookbook I knew I would be ordering it as soon as it came out.

All Miss Candyfloss items are made in Transylvania, so their new releases come out in batches throughout the season as each design is produced in turn. As you can imagine, being the (only-slightly!) obsessive shopper that I am, this meant I stalked their New In page every day from the moment of their first SS17 release until finally my beloved dress appeared. Add to cart, check out, rejoice! She’s mine, and she’s lovely.

Miss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dress

Miss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dressMiss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dress
Miss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dress Miss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dress Miss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dressMiss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dressMiss Candyfloss Lovis-Dora housewife dress

Dress: Lovis-Dora Dress by Miss Candyfloss
Bag: Erin Wicker bag by Banned
Shoes: Whiskey Daffodil heels by Restricted Shoes
Cardigan: Old New Look

Off the top of my head I can’t think of a single piece of clothing in my wardrobe that features brown shades heavily, and I think those tones combined with the blues of this print is what makes this piece so special. It’s not a colour combination you see often but it works so well, so that colour palette combined with such never-offensive stripes on this vintage inspired cut of dress makes this a timeless and classic piece to have in your wardrobe.

The navy semi-narrow notched neckline features lapels leading down into a centre panel sporting functioning buttons, giving the bust of this dress a real feature of interest despite being so modest. It closes with a hidden side zipper and the skirt is full, able to take a medium to full petticoat without any problems. There are no pleats in the bust or shoulders of this dress, unlike many Miss Candyfloss designs, and it’s a non-stretch fabric, so the bodice fits smaller than other dresses. Considering that I tend to find Miss Candyfloss runs proportionately smaller in the bust compared to their waist ratio, this could prove to be a fit problem for ladies with larger busts.

Because of that bust-to-waist ratio and the construction of this particular dress I opted for the 2XL in this style. It fits me with room in the waist, but honestly I could have used an extra inch or two in the bust for a truly perfect fit. As it is, I can certainly still wear the dress, but undoing the top button would likely give me the best level of ultimate comfort as that’s where the dress fits me tightest. Specifically, the waist flat measures 37 inches and the bust 44 inches, with no stretch and only a little give, hence why my 45 inch bust is a tight fit. That puts this dress as very true to the size chart, so just make sure to consult the chart before you order if you’re unfamiliar with Miss Candyfloss’s sizing.

I really love the style of this dress, which is one Miss Candyfloss offers in different colours and sleeve lengths. The first release of this style from the winter range features the same bodice style but with three quarter length sleeves. This is the only sleeveless style released for summer but there are other releases from this season offering short sleeved versions, so if this print isn’t for you there’s other solid coloured options as pictured below.

The Lovis-Dora dress comes in sizes XS-5XL costing €100. Miss Candyfloss ship internationally for just €5 and have many other new designs yet to come this season. 

6 thoughts on “Stripes Never Fail [Miss Candyfloss]

  1. Lady….I love your blog and I am a dedicated reader….but how in they hey hey am I going to afford all the lovely clothes you feature. This too shall be put on my “wish list”. Le sigh. So gorgeous on you!! xoxox


    • Lol! To be fair I can’t even afford all the clothes I feature, if I didn’t get to share clothes sent for review purposes then content would be much lighter these days! I’m doing my best to be better at saving 😂


    • Lol! It’s actually not that often people interact with me in public except in the supermarket, where I’m regularly stopped. The staff on the tills are always adorable as well and several tell me they look forward to seeing me come in every weekend to see what I’m wearing. So cute!!

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