Feelin’ Teal [Miss Candyfloss]

I’m gonna state this up front so you don’t get to the end of this blog post and get upset: both of these items are out of stock from Miss Candyfloss directly. But! But but but! I’m not just torturing you with pretty outfits you absolutely cannot find anywhere ever ever. Would I do that to you? Of course not (…as long as I could help it.) I’ll add links to all the places you can still find these items in stock at the end of this post, but for now, let’s just bask in the badassery of these perfectly spy-tastic pieces.

Miss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coat

Miss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coatMiss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coat

Miss Candyloss Barbora-kat dress Cassandra Kat cat coat

Dress: Barbora-Kat dress by Miss Candyfloss
Coat: Cassandra-Kat coat C/O Miss Candyfloss
Brooch: Vintage Avon

There’s no way you haven’t already heard me rhapsodizing about Miss Candyfloss’s Femme Fatale line already, whether it be here on this blog or on one of my social media accounts, so you won’t be shocked to learn I am obsessed with these pieces. Both items were featured in the Lookbook wherein we saw our first glimpses of the line and they both jumped straight to the top of my wishlist. I have been checking the Miss C website multiple times a day since the start of their release schedule to make sure I don’t miss out on any of the items I most wanted and I was very lucky to snag both this dress and coat, which both sold out fast. I’m so thankful that I did, as they are absolutely perfect.

Starting with the coat, in addition to being a gorgeous vibrant colour and chic as hell, one of it’s best features is that it’s water resistant, something you almost never find from a stylish, non-luxury priced coat. Often if you want something that will actually keep you adequately dry when it rains you have to opt for more practical, less flattering coats, the kind that have waxy textures, plastic zips, and, god forbid, possibly some kind of puffiness in the lining. No thank you. The Cassandra coat gives you all the benefits of a water resistant fabric without any of the sacrifices of style. The wide shawl collar can be worn propped up dramatically against your neck, making you look and feel like a sexy spy from a film noir even if the reality is the rain is blowing a bit on the wind and you want some neck coverage. It comes with a matching fabric notched belt and the pockets are a sensible size.

The Barbora Kat dress is an absolute dream. It combines many of my favourite elements–a collared dress, grey plaid, contrast detailing, the colour teal–into a timeless style that will never cease to impress. I’m not often one for any asymmetry in clothing design but I love that the matching teal buttons are located on the left of the bodice, as it gives the entire bodice a true authentic vintage feel. The skirt can take a slim-medium volume petticoat without trouble and it comes with a matching fabric notched belt. I can’t say officially whether this coat and this dress were designed with one another in mind, but the match so beautifully it’s hard to imagine that pairing was purely coincidental.

In terms of sizing I opted for 2XL in both pieces. In the dress that means my 45 inch bust did find the high neck, structured style of the dress a bit too tight of a fit but leaving the top button undone fixed that problem so that there were no visible signs of fabric straining. Specifically, the bust flat measures 40 inches with stretch to 44 inches, while the waist measures 38 inches flat with stretch to almost 40 inches. The belt can be tightened to 36 inches, though, so it can help cinch the waist if like me you have to size up predominantly for your bust or upper arms. The skirt is 28.5 inches long.

In the coat the 2XL is just a little big on me all over, but all that means is I have adequate room to comfortably fit winter layers underneath it without causing any awkward tightness in the arms or shoulders. The belt is definitely much too loose on me, though, but I simply tie it in a knot rather than buckling it to combat that issue. Taking flat outer measurements of coats reflects differently than flat measurements of other garments, so bear that in mind with these measurements: the bust flat measures 44 inches while the waist measures 42 inches, and the belt ranges from 41 to 44.5 inches. I would say that even allowing for the fact that a coat needs to fit larger than a dress in the same size to allow for winter layers underneath, to me this coat does feel it runs a little larger than I would expect. Even so, it will be completing many an outfit this winter and making me feel very spy-like when doing so.

Notorious Clothing have select sizes left of the Cassandra Kat coat, as well as select sizes in the burgundy tweedy material version, the Thilde Bo. Miss Candyfloss have a couple sizes left of the Thilde Bo themselves, and Deadly is the Female have a few sizes as well. Nostalgie Shop has a few sizes too, as well as, hold onto your knickers, almost all sizes of the Barbora-Kat dress. Stock numbers for all these items across all stores are low so if you want either coat or dress you should act fast to get your size ordered.

If, however, you love the shape of the Barbora-kat dress but are open to different colour options, there’s even better news! This dress style has already been released in a navy colour option, the Paisley-Lee (AKA the Peggy Spy), with a red and white contrast collar that is a spot-on incarnation of the Agent Carter inspiration behind this entire Femme Fatale autumn line. There will be another colour option released in November additionally, so keep your eyes peeled.

11 thoughts on “Feelin’ Teal [Miss Candyfloss]

  1. Oh how I was waiting for the coat review! Thank you:) Miss Candyfloss feels like the gold standard of reproduction clothes, I actually hold them up to the higher designer market standards and expectations – and they don’t disappoint! Their sizing for me has always been a weird hit-and-miss so thank you for the details. I’m lucky I could always snag my wishlist from their stockists because I just cannot get to an item on their website before it sells out to save my life! I hope they’ll update their interface (and raise their production numbers) soon.


    • Luckily for me their sizing is consistent, sometimes I could just do with a little more just room but I understand that’s the ratio they make their clothes. Their quality is always great!


  2. Ok for REAL this time – THIS dress was made for you. Can you stop looking so drop dead gorgeous in Miss Candy Floss? Just kidding, KEEP GOING BC YOU ARE AMAZING! I love this dress and am kind of kicking myself for not jumping sooner!


    • The Miss Candyfloss pieces sell out so fast, I literally check the site multiple times a day to make sure the things I want haven’t come into stock. Have you managed to find this dress for yourself??


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  4. I was so sad when I missed the coat in my size, it sold out during a couple of hours. I checked the site yesterday and it was back in stock in my size (S, 2X and 3X are back). So I placed an order immediately. I keep my fingers crossed that it will fit my huge arms. Miss Candyfloss is so great, since it is a Swedish brand and I live in Sweden returns are, for once, easy. Btw, I couldn’t resist the new tartan swing skirt either.


    • Oh yay! Sounds like you got lucky with some restocked stock. I was really tempted by the new tartan skirt too but considering I have the almost identical mustard tartan skirt I decided to me sensible, lol


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