July Outfits Round Up

It’s still hot here, blah blah blah, heatwave, pale English people unequipped, blah blah blah.

You get the gist, right? We’re all fed up of it, all over the world, and honestly it’s a wonder my pasty English arse bothered to get pinned up at all this month, because the humidity is slowly sapping us all of strength. We did have one rainy day, though, which gave me the chance to wear one of my winter dresses, which was genuinely exciting, so that was fun.

Rust Flutter Sleeve Wrap Top from New Look, Olive Striped Rosie skirt by Collectif, Green headscarf from eBay, Khaki flats from New Look, old wooden bangle

Chambray dress by eShakti (referal code AMYHARMAN for $35 off + free shipping,) White MAK Cropped cardigan, old coin necklace, old wooden bangle, Tan flats by New Look, real hair claw ponytail 99J from eBay, self cut and coloured real hair clip in bangs from eBay

Red Gingham Lucy cardigan by Collectif, Mint Luna dress from Unique Vintage, Joanie Clothing Emmy basket bag, old Primark flats, braiding bundles #63 from eBay worn as a plaited bun

Barbora-Kat dress by Miss Candyfloss, Teal flats by New Look, Samantha petticoat by Malco Modes

Vixen Blue Striped Dollface dress from Deadly is the Female, old coin necklace, Red Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from DMU, old wooden bangles, Los Flamingos brown leaf bangles, Red Rosetta sandals by Miss L Fire, Samantha petticoat by Malco Modes

Allegra-Sun dress by Miss Candyfloss, White cage sandals from New Look, braiding bundles  #63 from eBay worn as plaited bun

Gingham picnic dress by Unique Vintage, old wooden bangle, brown fakelite Splendette bangles, White cropped cardigan by New Look, Tan flats from New Look

Rust Flutter Sleeve Wrap top by New Look, Green headwrap from eBay, Bird of Paradise Fairy Doll dress by Collectif, Bamboo bag from eBay, old khaki flats from New Look

8 thoughts on “July Outfits Round Up

  1. This is a “how-to” for summer perfection, you are lovely in each outfit. Postman has just delivered the jade banana leaf skirt (plus a few other sundries in the sale), squeaking with excitement! xx


    • Ahh how exciting! My sale order is currently in limbo as it’s been dispatched but both collectif and DPD claim the other one has it, so it might very well be lost 😥 So enjoy your skirt for the both of us in case mine never makes it to me!


  2. Horror! Hermes stuffed an asos bag yesterday a quarter way in my postbox. Thankfully no passerbys fancied a new outfit! Fingers crossed your parcel finds you xx


  3. I love the way you have paired the New Look wrap top with swing dresses and skirts. I was so inspired by one of your earlier posts in which you used the same trick (the black version of the same top with a leopard print dress) that I had to go out and buy the rust and mustard versions of it for myself! I think they’re going to be really useful alternatives to a cardigan once the weather cools down a bit.


    • I’m so glad to hear that! I’ve also found putting them over strappy dresses when it’s too hot for cardigans but a touch of changeability in the weather makes them really useful!


  4. I love how often you wear olive/khaki coloured items! They look sensational with your pale skin! Again, thank you so much for featuring flat shoes as an option with pinup looks, you look just as poised and put together as you would with heels. Gorgeous! x


    • I love olive/khaki, I think it’s a really under estimated colour that works year round! I can’t really say you’re welcome about featuring so many flat shoes, since it benefits me as much as anyone, ha! Xx


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