Soft, Fluffy, Dolly & Dotty + GIVEAWAY

Miss Amy May plus size pinup review Dolly & Dotty soft nylon fluffy petticoat giveaway contest

I remember one of things that made me feel like a ‘proper pinup’ when I was transitioning to my vintage style was finally beginning to add a petticoat under my skirts and dresses. It was something that felt like it needed a small splash of courage because it was just such an unusual under-thing to have in one’s wardrobe as a 20-something in the 2010s, but once I got my first petticoat there was no looking back. 

Finding the right petticoat does require you to consider a few things–what level of volume do you want to achieve? How long are the skirts and dresses you’ll be wearing it with? And even though, of course, you will buy the petticoat of the right length so you don’t commit the cardinal pinup sin of displaying 2 or 3 clear inches of fluff below the hemline of your skirt, what colour do you want–a question that’s especially pertinent if you’re wearing your petticoat out dancing or for a big event/photoshoot in which a little petti flash will make for a good shot and a dash of fun!

For new pinups and for those sporting vintage styles on the daily, I always feel a medium volume soft petticoat is the best option. Medium volume petticoats mean your skirt will have some gentle lift off the legs without making you a moving hazard to anyone trying to skirt around you (pun intended) in public or sit beside you on the train. The softness will also serve you well for a full day’s wear, when a stiff netted petticoat will quickly become irritating and uncomfortable against your legs, especially after sitting for some time. For pinups on a budget, whether new or well-situated in vintage style, Dolly & Dotty’s soft fluffy nylon petticoats are a great option.

Miss Amy May plus size pinup review Dolly & Dotty 26 inches 63cm soft nylon fluffy petticoat giveaway contest

Made from two layers of soft nylon with ruffled edging at the hem, it’s designed to create that versatile medium volume while also being comfortable to wear. There’s a short satin-style inner lining. The available sizes cover UK 6-12, 14-18, and 20-26, so the thick elasticated waistband of each petticoat sports 4 buttons that allow you to tighten or loosen said waistband to fit you perfectly.

Dolly & Dotty were kind enough to send me a petticoat in each of the 3 available lengths– 21, 23 and 26 inches–so I could show you them in action. Without much further ado, let’s do just that!

Lilac 26 inch nylon fluffy petticoat

Worn with Aurora striped dress

Black 23 inch nylon fluffy petticoat 

Worn with Red Velvet Holly Dress

Green 21 inch nylon fluffy petticoat

Worn with Kimberley faux fur dress

As you can see from the above galleries, the volume of each petticoat is about the same, with the only difference being the length. At 5ft 7 tall, I have dresses in my collection that have skirt lengths ranging between 23 and 30 inches long, so having different length petticoats in my collection is also a must–no one likes the dreaded ‘drop off’ look of a petticoat that is too short for the dress it’s being worn with. Shudder!

Since these Dolly & Dotty petticoats are so affordable, especially on sale as they currently are, it’s not such a pain in the wallet to conceivably kit yourself out with the different lengths you’d need to suit your own wardrobe well. And considering the gorgeous colours on offer–I’m more than a bit in love with this soft lilac and emerald green–that price will no doubt tempt you even if you are, technically, already all petticoated-up. Although, speaking of…

Before you go, you might be interested to know that Dolly & Dotty are kindly giving away a lovely, fluffy petticoat of your choice to THREE lucky winners. The giveaway is open internationally and runs from today, Monday 7th January until midnight GMT Thursday 10th January. The winners will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter and announced here on the blog on Friday 11th. You can enter by doing one or all of the following:


Good luck, lovelies!

43 thoughts on “Soft, Fluffy, Dolly & Dotty + GIVEAWAY

  1. This post is awesome and has so much great information! You can’t go wrong with a good, well made petticoat and these are all so gorgeous and look so incredibly soft and dreamy, like a lovely, colorful cloud peeking out from under a dress! 🙂 The colours are all so pretty it’s almost impossible to choose, but if I won I’d love one in green. 🙂

    Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful giveaway, Amy! I hope you’re having an amazing new year!! ❤


  2. I’m in love with everything forest green at the moment, like a magpie but getting leaves instead of jewels 😂 so definitely the green!


  3. White will go with most summer dresses and the one I have currently is a bit big for me. The buttons sound like a great idea, as well as different length options.


  4. YES this is the BEST giveaway! I bloody love petticoats. I currently own a pink Dolly and Dotty and a grey Doris Designs, and my best petticoat moment was wearing them BOTH together on stage as part of a 1950s bobby-soxer outfit. My skirt had to be the biggest of the female chorus, you see. ;o) I’m not sure which colour I would choose if I won… The green one wouldn’t go with many of my frocks but it looks so good on you that I’m sorely tempted!


  5. So many tempting colors, but purple, must have the purple.


  6. Oh great blog post and fantastic Giveaway. I already have a white one so BLACK would be amazing. The green looks fabulous too. X


  7. I’d love to say black as it’s such a staple but I love that green and it would be such a surprise to see under a contrasting colour dress, or a bright shot under a sensible black skirt!


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