Sophistication in Romane-Bo [Miss Candyfloss]

It’s that beautiful time of year again. Yes, I do sort of mean autumn, but mostly I actually mean it’s time for Miss Candyfloss to start releasing their Autumn/Winter line. Miss C release such superb winter collections that I genuinely get excited in mid summer just anticipating what each year’s newest seasonal offerings might be. They can always be relied upon to produce chic, timeless, sophisticated designs, which cover every occasion from dinner party glamour to office-friendly. They are, in short, my favourite company for cool weather wear, and this year’s Marilyn Monroe inspired collections have once more surpassed my high expectations.

Dress: Romane-Bo dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss
Gloves: Old Primark
Bag: Vintage
Headpiece: Self-made jersey turban and Vogue Tilt Hat from eBay
Brooch: Vintage

Part of what I love about Miss Candyfloss’s AW lines is that they offer a mix of seemingly simple, plain coloured pieces as well as pieces that feature plaids, tartans or other typical facets of cold-weather clothing. Their simpler designs, however, are never truly simple, as is the case with this Romane-Bo dress. What can read merely as a long sleeved dress in a block colour from afar transforms up close by the thought put into the smaller details of its construction; the flattering collar, fabric covered buttons, matching fabric grommet belt, and the seaming in the bodice that was designed to look like a high-waist faux vest. 

It has a hidden side zip and pleats in the back of the skirt. Said skirt is flared to fit a medium volume petticoat elegantly or drape beautifully without one, while the half sleeves offer warmth and refinement. This dress can be worn at work or to dinner, in church or to a winter wedding, for a day about town or even to travel in style. It’s simplicity allows you to experiment with its styling, suited to layering up rich tones of all colours to compliment its lovely burgundy shade.

I’m wearing this dress in my usual Miss Candyfloss size 2XL. The waist flat measures 38 inches with stretch to 41, while the bust flat measures 43 with stretch to 46 inches. The skirt is 27.5 inches long. I have large upper arms and there’s more than enough room in the sleeves, to the point that I didn’t even think about how they fit while I was wearing this dress, which means there’s no tightness or pinching whatsoever to draw my attention to that area.

The Romane dress is available in this burgundy colourway or a teal version, both in sizes XS-5XL. Only select sizes remain of either colour on Miss Candyfloss’s own website, but they have stockists all over the world and are happy to let customers know which stockists ordered which styles if you’re having trouble tracking one down. As usual, my best advice is to make sure you check Miss Candyfloss’s website regularly if there are items you’ve fallen in love with from their AW19 Lookbook as some items sell out quickly upon release.


Disclaimer: The dress featured in this review was gifted to me by Miss Candyfloss with no obligations. All opinions expressed are truthful and my own, with no input from any of the companies listed or any other individuals. 

4 thoughts on “Sophistication in Romane-Bo [Miss Candyfloss]

  1. Oh my word I am DYING over how perfect this is on you and for fall! Your accessories REALLY make it pop! Miss Candyfloss is such a dream and their new collection is swoon-worthy!


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