Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 14]

I meant to do this next round of bloopers for y’all as a New Years gift so, you know, only EIGHT MONTHS LATE. Jeez.

I’m sure you know the drill: online isn’t real, everything is a highlight reel, I have tons of awful pictures that prove how awkward, unglamorous, sometimes lonely and often embarrassing it is to be a blogger/influencer, so here you go, enjoy these disastrous shots and go forth in the comfort of their meek, wilting gleam!

Alone, this face means ‘Oh whoops, didn’t mean to hit the remote, it’ll be less awkward if I pull a silly face in the resulting photo.’

3 thoughts on “Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 14]

  1. This post made me laugh a lot today. Particularly the head spider and tree branch shadow face! Sometimes pictures you reject I like. The picture in which your waving- I like it. Thanks for more bloopers! Also you must have a lovely Mum.♡


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it ❤️ My mum is the best! I used to ask her to shoot me when I wanted photos in public places (usually the shots where there’re stone walls as backdrops) but I stopped when covid hit. Now when I get up the courage to go shoot in those spots alone (it’s so embarrassing! Joggers and dog walkers come past and wonder why I’m all dressed up taking pics of myself) it’s much less fun than doing it with my super cute mumma 😭


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