Lovely Lucite with Little Miss Savage

I don’t have pierced ears. It’s pretty rare these days and people tend to be shocked when I tell them that, as if I’ve told them I was born with one less toe than is usual. Even friends that have known me for a decade or more regularly forget about my Virgin ears. As a non-pinup it was hard to find clip ons so I didn’t bother, never adjusting therefore to the idea of adding earrings to an outfit to complete the look.

But then I became a pinup. I discovered that sparkly sparkly Lucite earrings were a thing. It took a while for the idea of them to seep through my years of never even thinking of earrings in order to become a wishlist item, but they recently became something I’ve really grown to love and I’ve been meaning to pick out my first pair. So it was a lovely and well-timed surprise that adorable Little Miss Savage sent me a surprise pair of gorgeous green Lucite clip ons from her new Lucite earrings range to try out. And my god. Y’all. I am in love. Converted. Bring me all the Lucite.

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The Brit & The Belle…And Little Miss Savage

Sarah Forshaw (@Forshawsarah) and Miss Amy May  (@miss_amy_may) are southern belle and southern brit pinups, respectively, who found one another on Instagram part way through their pinup transformations in mid 2013, at which point they tentatively, then all of a sudden, become devoted and divine friends. Bonding over their urge to bring full on glamour to their every day lives, their shared opinions on cake, and their fierce nerd hearts, the two quickly began to look upon one another as fabulous sisters–who simply hadn’t met yet outside the confines of the interwebs. Due to finally meet IRL to share many squishy hugs and swing-skirted spins in fall 2015, they’re opening up their friendship and their closets to you in this shared blog post while they eagerly await their meeting.

Sarah: Amy and I have been crazy busy lately, so we’ve been a bit delayed in bringing you this post about accessories maker Little Miss Savage, but finally it’s here!

Little Miss Savage, Emily, hand makes headwraps, necklaces, pins, keyrings and bags/wallets, which she sells on her Etsy store and eBay. When we first came into contact with her we immediately fawned over several of her items, and we were so thrilled when she was kind enough to send us both a selection of cuteness.


​Here are the Grey rose skinny bandana $8.60, Flamingo Original Bandana $10.16, Cup of tea brooch $4.68, Cupcake brooch $4.68, Moth necklace $7.81. Continue reading