A Dress Named Alika

When I was but a newbie pinup–when I was tentatively attempting to craft a retro look out of cheap dancewear circle skirts and still scared of red lipstick–there were 3 dresses I saw in my online wanderings that made me swoon and sigh with want and desire: the Pinup Girl Clothing Monica dress, their Sailor Swing dress, and the Tatyana (then Bettie Page) Alika dress. The Alika dress runs for $150 in the US and in the UK around £120, sadly out of my typical budget, so at the time I yearned and gurned and craved, stored it in the not-so-little part of my brain that houses my dream ‘one day’ wardrobe, and moved on with my life.

Until this summer, when I happened to have an upcoming wedding to attend, and the Alika dress was marked down to $120 in a sale. Our time had come! This would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself to this dress. The Alika, that black elegant goddess of glamour and style, was going to be my lady.

Now that we’re together I am so glad our time finally did come, because we were meant to be. Alika and I went for a little stroll together in the woods to share with you our love.






Tatyana Black Alika Circle Dress
Heels: Bedazzled myself. Read my beginner’s guide to bedazzling here
Lipstick: Makeup Revolution WOW stick in ‘Call Me’

The Alika is a slight departure for me in that I am a girl who loves her skirts even more full than a circle skirt, dirndl skirts made with such an abundance of fabric that they make a regular circle skirt look timid and tame. So the Alika, ‘merely’ a full circle dress, is not a dress that will accommodate my typical two petticoats without looking a bit awkward and stretched. However the great thing is this dress doesn’t need that ‘puff’ power to make a statement. I’ve worn it pictured with one fairly subtle petticoat by my standards, but this dress is eye-catching without the pomp and circumference of a massive skirt. The obvious striking detail of this dress is the neckline. The lattice detail from bust to sleeve is exquisite, truly unique as well as flattering and timeless. It oozes elegance and grace, and everyone who has seen this dress of mine has cooed over how unusual and lovely it is.

There’s a sweet bow detail on the waist which I love because it negates the need for a belt, and it’s made of a comfortable stretch bengaline which is always an easy wear. Technically the size I bought should fit snugly on me or perhaps comfortably, but because of the stretch of the fabric I feel there’s a possibility I could have even sized down to get a snugger fit on my waist, and thus better accentuated it, because as it is there’s a little room in there.

The Alika comes in black, red, navy, white, green and a white black/red polka dot, as well as in a wiggle dress variety that features the same lattice neckline on a pencil dress, available in black and green.

This is a timeless and beautiful piece of clothing, and I’m so thrilled I own it.

12 thoughts on “A Dress Named Alika

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  2. The Alika is such a beautiful dress and you look especially pretty in it! I still wear my same 4 staples from Tatyana/Bettie Page: White Captain pencil dress, Red Captain circle, red City Center Dress and black 3/4 sleeve Secretary Circle Dress.


  3. I love your dress collection, you have nearly every one of my favorite pinup dresses. The sailor swing from pinupgirl, you look fabulous in that! The birdie dress, of which i also have! You are quicly becoming a favorite, i hope to keep in touch with you!


    • Aww thank you, that’s so sweet! Yes, I am very lucky in my dress collection. I get most of my dresses on sale or with coupon code discounts, but I have also been very spoiled to have a few given to me as collective presents from all my friends and family 🙂 dress addict!


  4. Those. Ruby. Shoes.
    Darling, I’m so ashamed to admint I haven’t had the chance of seeing your blog (how?! Oh, how could have I missed out sucha gem?!)…. but, I’m here now!
    Missing out will never (ever) happen – you’re on my “reading list”.



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