A Blouse Named Alika

For those of you who read my last blog A Dress Named Alika about the Tatyana Alika dress you’ll know I coveted that dress for nigh on a year before I was able to make it mine. It was the gorgeous lattice detail neckline that made me want that dress so badly, so imagine my delight when I logged into the Tatyana website a little while back to check out their Buy One Get One offer only to find they now offered an Alika blouse with that same gorgeous lattice work and a flattering peplum cut. I literally gasped when I saw it, my heart rate increasing. I began swatting at my phone in a panic to load the purchase page as if worried every other pinup in the world might be making this same discovery simultaneously and could cause this item to go out of stock even as I was attempting to buy it. A bit dramatic, but sometimes I excited about pretty things.

With the item safely purchased, I could not wait for my package to arrive! And when it did I was just as in love with this blouse as I thought I would be.


Blouse: Alika blouse by Tatyana
Pencil skirt: Missguided
Heels: Bedazzled myself. Read my beginner’s guide to bedazzling here
Clutch: Bedazzled myself. Read my beginner’s guide to bedazzling here
Lipstick: Makeup Revolution WOW stick in ‘Call Me’

I bought this blouse in such a hurry I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t plain white but in fact white with a sweet circle pattern  fabric. It closes in the back with zipper and hook and eyes just as the dress does, and I found it fits more true to size than the dress, the latter of which had surprised me by having an inch or so of room to spare even when I thought I was safely up sizing. I personally would love the peplum to be an inch shorter because it would hit me at a more flattering point on my hips then, but I can take that up if I want to and it’s by no means a deal breaker on such a lovely piece.

What I love about this top is that being a separate it offers the gorgeous lattice detail of the Alika in a more versatile form than the dress. It can be worn in a lot of different ways, the most obvious being that it would work well for dressing up to go out, but I also think it could be paired with an appropriate skirt or trousers/pants for office work wear that has a little more style than your average cardigan/pencil skirt combo. I feel like it can be styled in a lot of additional different ways if you think outside of the box, and off the top of my head I’m envisioning how great it would look with a pair of grey wide legged 40s swing pants, some cute flats and a red beret for a pop of colour. Different but still retro.

The blouse is $79 from tatyana.com and worth every penny. Not sold on its charm? Well maybe you ought to know that this blouse oozes an aura of chicness so strong that while I was shooting these pictures it summoned a small herd of cows over to get a better look at it. As a former dairy farmer myself, I was pretty freakin’ excited about that.


The cows are coming, the cows are coming!


Incredibly excited about the cows ❤


If the loving attention of some random moo moos doesn’t sell you on this blouse, then really, I don’t know what will.

Have a lovely day, dolls!

2 thoughts on “A Blouse Named Alika

  1. Cows are the best ❤ haha

    I love that blouse on you – like you, I love the lattice detailing; but I'm not a huge fan of peplums, so for that I think I'll give the Alika blouse a miss


  2. That’s fair enough! I never used to like peplums when they came back into style a couple years ago, but then I realised they nipped in my waist and skimmed over my most self-conscious area, so suddenly I was a fan, ha


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