A Very Festive Pinup – My Christmas Outfits Wrap Up

I love Christmas for a whole host of reasons–the food, the gift giving, the time spent with family, the decorations and festive songs, the food, the break from work…the food. Ha. But since becoming a pinup I’ve also fallen in love with the chance to get utterly dolled up. My idea of ‘casual’ is most people’s idea of getting dressed up, so for me the festive period presents the opportunity to get unashamedly glamorous as well as jolly. I pre-ordered what was to be my Christmas day dress back in late October, but after winning both the Oh My Honey and Deadly Is The Female social media contests which presented me with 2 new dresses, I had to do some party outfit reshuffling. Plus, Unique Vintage had another one of their $25 dresses sales over Black Friday which included a dress I had been coveting for some while, something I obviously bought. So, armed with a literal armful of beautiful dresses, I took the opportunity to get truly trussed up for several occasions this Christmas period and below I’ve gathered together the pictures and outfit details from each event so that you can catch up on it all in one handy place if your own Christmas revelry was too raucous for you to have been able to keep up to date with your Instagram and/or blog feeds this holiday. Let us begin!


The Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie Dress in Dark Red Raffeta won from Deadly Is The Female
The Occasion:
Worn for my Christmas dinner date with my dear friend Steph

Additional outfit details
Holly Hair Clip: Handmade by me
Crystal Bracelet: eBay
Heels: Everything5pounds.com


The Dress: Le Palais custom recreation because Le Palais does not size above an asian L
The Occasion: Secret Santa dinner party with my best friends

Additional outfit details
Bolero: Andi Bolero by Collectif
Brooch: 1920s Vintage
Heels: Primark
Bracelet: eBay


The Dress: Oh My Honey Glitter Candy Canes Dress won through Instagram contest
The Occasion: Christmas Day

Additional outfit details
Velvet Bolero: Lindybop
Heels: Everything5pounds.com
Necklace: eBay


The Dress: Unique Vintage Jayne Dress
The Occasion: New Year’s Day traditional family gathering

Additional outfit details
Heels: Everything5pounds.com
Necklace: eBay

There was a lot of unintentional red this year, so I think next year I’ll branch out. Despite being a bit too on the nose with the colour schemes I had such a good time dressing for the season, though, of course, it does pose one problem–how to top it next year! 😉 I’ll at least have fun trying.

Did you wear something totally fabulous over the festive period, or do you prefer a low key Christmas?

6 thoughts on “A Very Festive Pinup – My Christmas Outfits Wrap Up

  1. Please, please, please tell me how you got the Les Palias Vintage custom sizing!
    Their sizing is weird. Going by the measurements, it shouldn’t even fit Winny!


      • Thanks so much! Are they an actual reseller of Les Palais Vintage? Or are they ripping off the designs?
        Because I noticed this store had a lot of PUG copied designs too :/


      • Yeah, when I first found the seller and ordered I didn’t realise they’re not an official reseller, so it’s a rip off 😦 I’m always ethically conflicted about something like that–I don’t support someone profiting off something they didn’t design, but Le Palais offer such limited sizes I couldn’t buy from them no matter how much I want to. I think in future I’ll skip resellers and just hope the rumoured Le Palais expansion might translate into an expansion of sizing too.


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