Photoshoot Outtakes & Bloopers

I am no model. You know that, I certainly know that. I like to try my best to take some nice pictures for the clothes reviews I do but there’s no denying that most of the time I’m just a girl in a garden trying to resist the urge to fake eat the leaves or not bust out a few of my dorkiest moves. Usually when my sister is the one shooting me she’ll take pictures when I crack during these moments, but she also enjoys capturing it on film when I sneeze or cough or tell a long story while I think my face is out of shot, resulting in some truly unflattering but classic shots. So here, from me to you, is the gift of my ridiculous blog shoot outtakes. When you’ve finished looking through them, please pretend you still think I’m pretty and glamorous, for both of our sakes, because the illusion is about to be so badly shattered, you guys.

To enjoy it in it’s full glory click on the first picture to view in full size and scroll through the entire series with the navigation arrows.

Giselle, this one’s for you, girl!

You are so welcome, and also I am so sorry.

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