Voodoo Vixen With Some [London] Edge


London Edge is a fashion industry event at which alternative labels preview their new lines for the upcoming season. As alternative fashion includes retro and vintage styled clothing some of your favorite UK repro brands took up spots in London this past week to debut their Spring/Summer lines. This year’s SS event was sponsored by Voodoo Vixen, and the lovely VV team invited a selection of bloggers to attend the bloggers press day on Sunday to see what exciting things were going on. I was lucky enough to invited, along with 3 of my fellow British Belles, so what was already an exciting day became even more so as it morphed into a mini Belles reunion.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the event–and I do mean the first thing–was head to the Voodoo Vixen stand to peek at their spring line. This beeline excitement stemmed from a hunch I had that they would have at least one nautical piece coming up, and I was right–I immediately spotted a blue nautical print featuring a white ship’s wheel, featured not only on a wiggle dress and a flared dress, but also on an adorable shorts and top set. Hello sailor! There were lots of lovely items I spied from the new season that I loved, but the other stand-out piece that caught my eye and swiftly wooed me was a beautiful peach and white gingham flared dress with a super cute bow necktie detail. The second these pieces go on sale I am snatching them up!


Belles in the bathroom!

My curiosity satiated and my future Voodoo Vixen purchases planned, I headed to the Press booth to pick up the complimentary dress the Voodoo Vixen were providing. I’d chosen the Adeline dress, which fitted me perfectly. I was delighted to find the skirt was a generous length below my knees and fit my petticoat beneath. I hadn’t realised from photos that the sleeves features a cutout detail with a button closure, but this instantly became one of my favorite features of the dress.


The Adeline dress had to be one of the most popular dresses picked from the offered line of dresses because within minutes of finding my fellow bloggers at the press booth I befriended two other girls sporting the same dress, Miss Ginger Tulips and Pixie Cosmina, who also introduced me to the lovely Miss Claudia June.


Of course I was the only one who didn’t get the memo that it was time to stop talking and pose. L to R: BB Sophie, BB Amber, Miss Ginger Tulips, Pixie Cosmina, Miss Claudia Juhe, Derp Me, and BB Alice


L to R: BB Sophie, BB Amber, Miss Ginger Tulips, me, and BB Alice

In the press booth we posed for pictures and were given generous goody bags, and I was exorbitantly excited to be handed a bag of pick ‘n’ mix sweets, which I began to eat immediately because I hadn’t eaten for 5 hours–practically a week in Amy time–and because I am a giant child. “Seriously, I am so excited about these sweets you guys,” I kept telling everyone who glanced my way as I turned down a glass of proscecco to munch on fizzy cola bottles and orange liquorice wheels. #priorities


After the photos had been posed for and the sweets eaten (mine, at least,) we were treated to a talk by Rock’n’Roll Bride blogger Kat Williams. Then, it was back out into the main event to spy on the new lines. We were quick to find Collectif, where we drooled over upcoming blue gingham pieces and spent a fair amount of time telling anyone who would listen from the Collectif staff how much we love our fellow British Belle, Collectif-staff-and-model Katie, who is a babe. They obviously agreed on this very important topic.

There was a fashion show displaying some of the pieces from many of the brands on show and a chance to talk to the lovely team of super babes from The Pinup Academy. We visited Le Keux, Besamé, Hell Bunny, Banned, The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and Miss Candyfloss, and Sophie and I misplaced Amber and Alice more than once, scolding them like frustrated mothers who just don’t understand why their children can’t stay put where they’ve been told to stay!

At the end of the day it was time to load onto the red vintage London buses waiting outside to take us to the Gem bar for the after party, where free drinks, burlesque, a DJ and many a plush booth waited for us.


Pixie is the prettiest woman I’ve ever met



Miss Ginger Tulips was the cutest thing ever!

I had great fun chatting as best as I could over the blaring music with my Belles and my darling new pinup friends, two of whom, Miss Ginger Tulips (blogger and adorable all-round doll Marjolein) and Miss Claudia June (RockabillyBelle owner,) had come all the way over from the Netherlands to attend the event. Amber and I were so sad to have to cut our night short in order to avoid missing the last train home, not least because it meant saying goodbye to Marjolein, Claudia and Pixie much too soon. At least having to get on said train home was softened slightly by the fact that Amber and I clambered aboard with XL Burger King meals to fill our tummies and warm us up. We got a lot of stares as we chomped away in our red lipstick, but it was well worth it.




I’ve poured over my goody bag since I’ve been home and was amazed at how many treats there was inside–a banned Cardigan, Collectif mirror and tote bag, Manic Panic cosmetics, Monsters friends tote and badges, London Edge shirt and a cute-as Miss Candyfloss hair flower amongst other things. Mostly, though, I just wish the bag had mini Marjolein, Claudia and Pixies inside to help hold me over until I can arrange to see these girls again.

Thanks to Voodoo Vixen for having me and for hosting such a great event, but mostly thanks for helping me meet some wonderful new people that I can’t wait to see again. Who knows, maybe next time we meet up I’ll be sporting one of the new Voodoo Vixen spring dresses 😉 It seems only appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Voodoo Vixen With Some [London] Edge

  1. How deliciously fabulous – I am insanely jealous of this event.
    Inquiring minds want to know…was the VV dress you snatched a parcel you were able to keep??

    The photos were fantastic and I’m so happy I can keep up with you through blogs and Instagram 🙂

    Have a great weekend!!


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