Vamping Out With Queen of Heartz

Queen of Heartz is a retro clothing brand established in 2001 by owner and designer, Letty Tennant, a lover of fine textiles and classic prints that harken back to the authentic silhouettes and stylings of bygone eras as clothes used to be made. All their clothes are handmade in LA and Orange county, offering quality American-made products crafted with care, and the company even offers a custom made atelier section on their site, Letty’s own favourite part of her business.

For a while I owned a Queen of Heartz piece without even realising I did, as I had bought the navy polka dot QoH Olivia dress through Unique Vintage over a year ago, not paying attention at first to which brand made it. This dress is one of my favourites, not merely because the nautical combination of navy and white is one of my favourite colour themes, but because it just fits so well. Every time I wear it people tell me it looks like it was made for me, and I feel so good in it I begin to believe it myself. The entire dress fits me flatteringly on every conceivable body contour and the skirt perfectly encompasses my infamous double petticoats with ease and grace, something which is sure to win me over fast.

Given that I am so smitten with this full skirted QoH piece, I wanted to give one of their gorgeous wiggle dresses a try. Enter, the Vamp dress! This dress is gothic, chic, sexy and classy all at once. Considering that special dark and sultry vibe this dress oozes, I layered on the black lace and tulle to take some vampish shots especially for this post.



Dress: Vamp dress by Queen of Heartz
Gloves: eBay
Veil: eBay
Heels: Primark

With a mermaid skirt, pleated neckline detail, vertical velvet stripes and a double criss-cross strap shoulder detail, this dress is a wealth of classic and sophisticated design details that had me marveling when I unwrapped it. I absolutely love the way the straps cross over on the shoulders and I think the pleated bust is gorgeous. Mermaid skirts have always been a favourite of mine as I love they way they add balance to a silhouette with larger hips, but mermaid beskirted dresses aren’t that easy to get a hold of so this dress is a delight for me.


I’ve decided the mark of a great outfit is when it calls animals to me, and this dress passed the test!


My swing Olivia dress that I already own from QoH is an XL, so I followed the size charts with my 32 waist and ordered this dress in the same size. The Olivia dress has no give but this Vamp dress is made of stretch ponte roma fabric which does have give, so it turns out it’s a little loose around the waist on me, the area that always gives me pause as to whether I should size up, down or true in unfamiliar brands. It’s possible I could have sized down for a truly snug wiggle fit, but potentially then my hips, glorious cake containers that they are, might not have fit, so I think the XL was still a safer bet for me. Contrary though it may seem to the idea of the figure hugging wiggle dress, I like to own some wiggles that have a bit of looseness in them for my less confident days or for a bit of a ruched look, so I’m happy with the fit of this dress on me. However, for anyone who wants to get a truly tight fit then note you could possibly size down (within reason) to make sure you’re cinched and clinched to perfection. I’m so happy with this dress, in fact, that I couldn’t help having a little play and dance in it once I spotted a sign that, surely, had to be talking about me…right?


In denial about my age #foreverachild


The Vamp dress costs $156 and is available in red/black and teal/black colourways as well as this black striped colourway.

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