Good Golly Miss Molly!

Molly. Oh Molly. Y’all know I love a Pinup Girl Clothing dress–PUG simply fits me like no other brand does, which means at any given time I inevitably have 10-20 items on my wishlist waiting to one day join my fairly extensive collection. The Molly dress is one of those wishlist items that has been chilling in my virtual One Day closet ever since she was released last summer. She comes in 4 colourways–navy with white polka dots, yellow with white polka dots, black cherry print and white cherry print–and I’ve been lusting equally over both the navy and yellow versions for months, never quite sure which one to choose until PUG graciously offered to send me a Molly of my own. It came down to little more than a mental flip of a coin, but I opted for the navy, my love of nautical colourways winning out.

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

All colourways of this dress have a cute bow framing the centre of the bust, contrasting straps and a matching belt. The bow, however, is not merely a pretty decorative detail, but actually a bow tie bust feature that means you can adjust the gathers on the bust to suit your preferred look. The belt is a grommit belt, meaning it won’t slide loose throughout the day, and the skirt is a full swing, my favourite kind. The ruching on the bust is pretty and flattering on all bust sizes without being overdone and, last but very not least, Molly has…pockets. POCKETS. The holy grail of dress features, that unicorn of cuteness and practicality that we all desire. I had actually forgotten this feature until I went to a party wearing the dress for the first time and delightedly realised I could secretly cart my phone and lipstick around with me without having to be that girl who won’t ditch her handbag for the evening.

Let’s come back to the goodness of the dress’s construction later and do the pretty picture bit now. Well, I say pretty pictures. What I mean is that I packed my DSLR when I convinced my sister, mum and niblings (nieces and nephews) to go to the beach with me early a couple Saturdays ago, prepared to take some nice pictures, only to realise in approximately 0.5 seconds that I had been a fool not to realise that that great English seaside wind would be ruining my fresh pincurl set in record time. Sigh. That makes it two blog shoots ruined by the British weather in as many weeks. I suppose that’s the price we pay for lack of earthquakes and our adorable English accents, right? Oh the burdens we bear.

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Dress: Molly Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing
Cropped Cardigan: Peacocks
Shoes: Hand bedazzled by myself. Bedazzling guide here
Bangles: Dorothy Perkins and eBay

This dress is a comfortable cotton sateen creation made in the USA, classic PUG. It closes with a back zipper and has an elasticated band at the top of the back to make for a comfortable fit. The straps are adjustable, another PUG classic design feature, which means you can adjust them to create your perfect fit on the bust and torso, a God send. The pockets are legitimately useful because they’re deep enough to fit your phone, your hand, and several small products all at once, comfortably, a joy compared to the disappointment of finding pockets on a skirt that are maybe big enough to fit only half of your hand and nothing else. What is the point of having pockets if I can’t stuff my hands fully into them so I can look effortlessly cool and relaxed while wearing cats eye sunglasses, I ask you? The skirt also fits a fully fluffy petticoat (or two), my hallelujah chorus.

When it comes to fit there’s enough give that my current 32-33inch waist fits into the L (sized as 30-31 waist) because I compress well and comfortably, weird though that sounds. For the safest fit and to avoid disappointment you should follow the size charts if you’re a new PUG wearer or order your usual PUG size if you’re a regular, as this will size the same as the Harley, Heidi, Lydia and other non-boned PUG swing dresses.

Personally, when I first put the Molly dress on I was stunned by how flattering I found it. I regularly say that PUG fits me the best of any clothing brand I’ve tried, and while that remains true of this dress I think it’s the ruched bust that really puts it over the top for me. My bust is slightly too small compared to the measurements of my waist and hips in regards to being considered a true hourglass, so the ruching of the bust adds just enough subtle volume up top that it gives an extra balancing effect to my shape. That flattering design and the comfort of this dress won me over immediately and I love this dress so much that I’m putting the yellow colourway in my basket to be added on my next PUG order. Because what’s a great dress if not worthy of being owned in multiple colours? Thank you PUG for giving me yet another perfect dress style to begin obsessively collecting multiple its colourways.

The Molly dress costs $132 and is available in sizes XS-4X. Pinup Girl Clothing is available from a multitude of stockists globally, but all 4 colourways and sizes are available direct from their own website, If you don’t live in the USA and have never bought direct from PUG before you can read my Beginner’s Guide to Pinup Girl Clothing to learn about the company’s ethics, sizing and product quality, as well as the international shipping charges and customs fees for international customers.

I hereby wish you the best of weather and a lack of wind for any seaside trips you may be planning to take soon. May your hair ever stay coiffed and perfect! ❤

Pinup Girl Clothing Molly Dress

Made in the USA

2 thoughts on “Good Golly Miss Molly!

  1. Miss Amy May, every dress looks amazing on you! At first I thought this dress looks pretty casual, but it is perfect for daily wear in spring and summer, I love all the thought and detail they put into their dresses, Laura and Micheline really do design for the modern woman with vintage flair. Like you, I love the details of the adjustable straps and the addition of pockets. I hope they will consider adding pockets to the Heidi in the future, that would be just perfect.

    I don’t know if you recall but I asked about the Renee dress. My friend and I made a trip down to the Pinup Girl Boutique and tried it on. It is gorgeous and so high quality, but sadly the XL didn’t fit me well, and you won’t be able to slap on some shapewear to tighten up the midsection due to the cutout, and the next size up was unfortunately much too large. I shall keep up my efforts in exercising to tighten the waist 😉 I did try on the Nancy Dress in Pink Lemonade print–lots of the same qualities in adjustable straps, pockets, cute heart button decor and pleated bust detail–such a sweet and whimsical lemon print! Dress wish list is growing!

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  2. Oh Connie, I’m sorry I somehow missed this! That’s such a shame the Renee didn’t work for you–at least you were able to try it on in store and not bought online only to return. The Nancy dress sounds lovely, add that to your wishlist girl. Any dress that makes you feel fabulous is worth buying 😀


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