Give It Some Juice [Voodoo Vixen ‘Juicy Lucy’]

Another dress I got recently from Voodoo Vixen is the Juicy Lucy dress. With a bowling pin/polka dot print and a contrast collar, this dress makes me think of diners and bowling alleys all at once. It fastens with a back zipper, has contrast button detailing and matching belt, and a contrast kick pleat panel located in front rather than back, which I love.

I misplaced my matching belt almost immediately among a whirlwind of picnic prep for the upcoming Pinup Picnic In The Park, so for these pictures I used a red belt I already had from another dress I own.

Voodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy DressVoodoo Vixen Juicy Lucy Dress

This dress is a winner for me. I love the length of the sleeves as they’re short but flattering, unlike the dreaded cap sleeves which make almost any dress unflattering on we bold of the upper arm. The classic diner-uniform style collar dipping into a V neckline is one I think works on a lot of ladies–not all of us can carry off a round neck with ease. There are pockets, my holy grail, and even though my aversion to most things novelty made me feel unsure of the bowling print of the dress at first, I now think it’s fun. In fact, while the dress is easily casual I think it can actually be kind of sexy without being obvious if you style it right and wear it confidently. If only it were two inches longer to give the wiggle silhouette that little bit more of a tapered oompf then it would be perfect.

I got an XL as I usually do from Voodoo Vixen (their XL waists cater to 33″, which is my measurement) and it fits well, true to size. There’s a bit more room in it than the Jade Kat dress I tried on recently which fit me snugly, but not so roomy that I think I could have sized down. My advice would definitely be to follow the size chart.

The Juicy Lucy dress costs £44.99 but is on sale for £31.99 until 3rd July from Bargain!


Forever impossible to shoot at home without the cat getting involved

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