Give It Some Juice [Voodoo Vixen ‘Juicy Lucy’]

Another dress I got recently from Voodoo Vixen is the Juicy Lucy dress. With a bowling pin/polka dot print and a contrast collar, this dress makes me think of diners and bowling alleys all at once. It fastens with a back zipper, has contrast button detailing and matching belt, and a contrast kick pleat panel located in front rather than back, which I love.

I misplaced my matching belt almost immediately among a whirlwind of picnic prep for the upcoming Pinup Picnic In The Park, so for these pictures I used a red belt I already had from another dress I own.

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Peachy Keen [Voodoo Vixen Chelsea Dress]


I first saw this Voodoo Vixen Chelsea dress when I attended London Edge last month. As soon as I saw the peach gingham print I was on board, but even more so once I saw the adorable bow feature neck. So I was really pleased when this dress was swiftly released in their Spring/Summer line and Voodoo Vixen were kind enough to send it to me.

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