Peachy Keen [Voodoo Vixen Chelsea Dress]


I first saw this Voodoo Vixen Chelsea dress when I attended London Edge last month. As soon as I saw the peach gingham print I was on board, but even more so once I saw the adorable bow feature neck. So I was really pleased when this dress was swiftly released in their Spring/Summer line and Voodoo Vixen were kind enough to send it to me.






Dress: Voodoo Vixen Chelsea dress
Cardigan: Peacocks
Novelty Milkshake Clutch: New Look
Bangles: eBay and charity shop
Wedges: Very old style from

It’s a perfect spring and summer piece, not just because of the sweet peach gingham and the cut but because the fabric is light, making it cool and comfortable in those hot summer months. The thinness of the fabric only poses a slight problem in that you won’t want any visible underwear issues showing through, so you’ll have to wear a skin-toned bra beneath this beauty.

I found it a little tricky to make a neat and equal bow on the neckline, but regular readers of this blog will know that’s merely because I am lacking the pretty bow tying skill, most especially at the trying angle of doing so over one’s own shoulder. The skirt is a nice modest length and will fit a slim petticoat if you want to wear one, as I am in the pictures shown.


Voodoo Vixen size their dresses in letter sizes rather than UK dress sizes so check the size chart to ensure you’re ordering the right fit. I don’t feel this dress has much give if you were considering sizing down, so size true to the chart and you should get a perfect fit, as I did. The only drawback I found is that I could have done with the belt including one extra notch so I could tighten it a further inch, but it’s not like that’s the end of the world.

This is a beautiful dress, and I love that the gingham is peach, which is an unusual colourway to find. Combined with the neck bow it’s a unique piece that I haven’t seen similarly offered by any other repro clothing companies, which is great. As soon as I put it on I get the urge to visit a retro themed diner and sip on milkshakes while munching on fries and making selections from the jukebox. Personally that’s the kind of urge I have no inclination to judge nor deny.

The Chelsea dress retails for £42.99 in sizes S-XXL and is available from as well as from many other online and brick and mortar boutiques.

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