Retro In Bed [Glamour Bunny Nighties]

There were a lot of ways that the eras of the past were more glamorous than our modern world. People dressed up for dinner. The women set their hair and painted on their best faces for even days spent at home. Men wore pocket watches and cufflinks and all manner of dapper details that trump today’s Niké trainers and iWatches. And come bedtime, the women didn’t don their favourite novelty print pyjamas trousers and an oversized t-shirt, but instead nightie and robe sets, frills and lace and ribbons abound.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about the novelty pj pants. If I’m not dolled up in one my favourite swing dresses I am most likely in yoga pants or a pair of polka dot bed trousers. I own many hoodies and a plethora of t-shirts, a large portion of which are Harry Potter themed. There’s nothing comfier for lounging in, there just isn’t. That being said, you don’t always want to look as comfortable as you feel. Sometimes you want to look glamorous and stylish and feminine even when you are comfortable. Which brings us back to those bed sets of times gone by.

I’ve been meaning to buy a nightie set for well over a year now but just never got around to it. I knew Glamour Bunny offered a small selection of bed sets and they shot to the top of my wishlist for my ‘If I ever get the chance to do a retro bedroom scene shoot, I’m getting one of these’ daydream. The dream photoshoot didn’t present itself, but the Glamour Bunny nightie sets went on sale, so, you know. What did you expect me to do?

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Lady in Red [Delores Unique Vintage]

As we continue through the chillier seasons my search continues for more half or long sleeved vintage-style dresses, which aren’t always easy to find. It can be easier somehow to find them in thicker, restrictive fabrics, dresses that are smarter or more formal, but a comfortable sleeved piece is rarer. So say hello to the Unique Vintage Iconic Delores dress, a dress that can be both formal and casual depending entirely upon styling! Since Christmas is already nipping at our heels I whipped out this Poinsettia-red dress and styled it simply with the season in mind, thinking of Santa and his big black boots.

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Peachy Keen [Voodoo Vixen Chelsea Dress]


I first saw this Voodoo Vixen Chelsea dress when I attended London Edge last month. As soon as I saw the peach gingham print I was on board, but even more so once I saw the adorable bow feature neck. So I was really pleased when this dress was swiftly released in their Spring/Summer line and Voodoo Vixen were kind enough to send it to me.

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A Pinup In Sleeves: Part III [Lindy Bop ‘Holly’]

Part three of this Pinup in Sleeves series is coming to you as a guest post from my darling friend Sophie, fellow British Belle, blogger at Petticoatsandteacups and Instagrammer @missfififvonfosse

Hello readers! Fifi von Fosse here from Petticoats and Teacups, invading Miss Amy May’s Pinup in Sleeves series! As a vintage loving gal liking a little bit of upper arm coverage, I jumped at the chance to write a little post for you, telling you all about the gorgeous LindyBop ‘Holly’ dress.

So picture the scene. It’s early November, and you are just starting out your search to find the perfect festive dress. Up pops the Holly and voila- the search is over! Coming in at £29.99, it wasn’t exactly a bank breaker, especially leading up to the Christmas shopping rush, and the gorgeous deep berry colour just screamed festive perfection to me.

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Thank You Giveaway!

When I passed 4k on Instagram I promised a giveaway once Jenny January was over as thanks for all the wonderful support my followers give me, endlessly. But then a crazy thing happened: I gained an extra 600 followers in a week during Jenny January, putting me much nearer to 5k much sooner than I had expected. Now that my busy schedule of late has died down enough that I could get organised to host this giveaway I’m already less than 200 from reaching 5k, somehow.

So, to celebrate not only that little burst of new lovelies finding me on Instagram, but also the readers I have here on the blog (I’ve just passed my 50th post!) I decided to host the giveaway here using Rafflecopter so that you can gain multiple entries to increase your chance of winning for every way in which you might be following me online. Annnnnd I’ve added extra pieces into this giveaway to bump up the prize pack so that the winner will be receiving the following.

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A Pinup In Sleeves: Part I [PUG Birdie]

Being a pinup is a lot of things: glamorous, fun, sassy, exciting, joyous, lipstick-smudged. But come winter it can also be cold. Ask any pinup and she will have a favourite clothing piece she can only wear in summer because there’s just no way of warming it up for winter wear. The average dress can be adapted by the addition of a cardigan, some seamed stockings, better weather-suited shoes and perhaps the occasional vintage accessory such as gloves and a fabulous hat. But for me, personally, it just doesn’t quite…feel the same. I like the dress to be able to do most of the talking, and many dresses I own have prints or details that are shrouded by the addition of even a cropped cardigan.

Which means something must be done. Dresses must be found that are warmer than the usual fair, dresses that–dare I say it? Are, gasp, full of sleeve! Such dresses exist, certainly. It can be surprisingly hard to find real stand out sleeved dresses though. So once winter again I took it upon myself to launch a search that spread far and wide across both continents and budgets to come up with some besleeved pinup options for myself and you other dolls. Number one find on my list was the three quarter sleeve Birdie dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. Continue reading

The Brit & The Belle…And Little Miss Savage

Sarah Forshaw (@Forshawsarah) and Miss Amy May  (@miss_amy_may) are southern belle and southern brit pinups, respectively, who found one another on Instagram part way through their pinup transformations in mid 2013, at which point they tentatively, then all of a sudden, become devoted and divine friends. Bonding over their urge to bring full on glamour to their every day lives, their shared opinions on cake, and their fierce nerd hearts, the two quickly began to look upon one another as fabulous sisters–who simply hadn’t met yet outside the confines of the interwebs. Due to finally meet IRL to share many squishy hugs and swing-skirted spins in fall 2015, they’re opening up their friendship and their closets to you in this shared blog post while they eagerly await their meeting.

Sarah: Amy and I have been crazy busy lately, so we’ve been a bit delayed in bringing you this post about accessories maker Little Miss Savage, but finally it’s here!

Little Miss Savage, Emily, hand makes headwraps, necklaces, pins, keyrings and bags/wallets, which she sells on her Etsy store and eBay. When we first came into contact with her we immediately fawned over several of her items, and we were so thrilled when she was kind enough to send us both a selection of cuteness.


​Here are the Grey rose skinny bandana $8.60, Flamingo Original Bandana $10.16, Cup of tea brooch $4.68, Cupcake brooch $4.68, Moth necklace $7.81. Continue reading