Lady in Red [Delores Unique Vintage]

As we continue through the chillier seasons my search continues for more half or long sleeved vintage-style dresses, which aren’t always easy to find. It can be easier somehow to find them in thicker, restrictive fabrics, dresses that are smarter or more formal, but a comfortable sleeved piece is rarer. So say hello to the Unique Vintage Iconic Delores dress, a dress that can be both formal and casual depending entirely upon styling! Since Christmas is already nipping at our heels I whipped out this Poinsettia-red dress and styled it simply with the season in mind, thinking of Santa and his big black boots.

Unique Vintage Delores Dress Unique Vintage Delores Dress Unique Vintage Delores Dress Delores Iconic red Unique Vintage Unique Vintage Delores Dress Unique Vintage Delores Dress

The Delores dress is made of bengaline, has a gathered V-neckline, and cuffed half sleeves. It closes with a back zipper and the skirt is full enough to take a petticoat but it isn’t a full circle, so it looks simpler and more modern worn without a petti. It’s a stretchy and really comfortable piece for a full day’s wear. I think the neckline is flattering and sexy without being super revealing, though you could easily layer a lace cami underneath for a little extra coverage if you’re more conservative. I love the half sleeves, as they’re particularly flattering for those of us with chubby upper arms, in addition to giving a little extra warmth.

I ordered this dress in an XL and it fits true to size–the size chart says the waist on this piece in XL is for 33 inches and bust 41 inches. Laid flat it measures 14 inches across the waist, 28 around, but of course it’s made of super stretchy bengaline so I can easily stretch it to flat measure 19.5 inches, which is up to 39 inches. Follow the size chart bearing in mind that there’s tons of give but that it’s also sleeved, so you don’t want to size down too drastically and end up feeling uncomfortable across the shoulders or in the arms.

This red I bought a couple months back is now sold out, but it’s still available in sizes XS-4X in royal blue or black polka dot from Unique Vintage for $88. Unique Vintage ship internationally at a variety of delivery speeds and price ranges.

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