Pinup Halloween: Snow White

In the same way that I am regularly told I give off Dorothy vibes when I wear pale blue and my red bedazzled shoes, I also get told there are Snow White vibes happening if I wear any combination of yellow, navy and red, and not necessarily all three colours together. I think there’s something so iconic about Snow White that even if, technically, you’re not wearing all the right colours from her outfit and in the right combinations across your clothing pieces, people still see her influence in your outfit. That means that even if you don’t have all the pieces you think you’ll need to create an accurate costume depicting this pale princess, actually, you probably have enough to get away with it. Good news if you’re in need of an easy Halloween costume!

Pinup Vintage Snow White Easy Halloween costume fancy dress Pinup Vintage Snow White Easy Halloween costume fancy dressPinup Vintage Snow White Easy Halloween costume fancy dressPinup Vintage Snow White Easy Halloween costume fancy dress Pinup Vintage Snow White Easy Halloween costume fancy dressPinup Vintage Snow White Easy Halloween costume fancy dress

I think the key features in getting this outfit together is including the colour combinations of red, navy and yellow, even though her famous costume also involved a white collar and a brown cape. If you can get your hands on or make yourself one or both of those features then you’ll really nail the look, but focusing as we are on an easier outfit to achieve, possibly at the last minute, and from items you may already own or may be happy to buy to add to your pinup wardrobe anyway, the cape and collar aren’t necessary.

We’ll go into possible clothing pieces below that you can get your hands on to form the look, but your costume will really come together if you remember to pick up a red apple and a red bow for you hair. I failed on the latter by forgetting and having to scrounge up a strange red ribbon which was cut in half and joined together by a velcro section; I have no clue why, it was in amongst my sister’s cake supplies ribbons, so we’re all going to have to ignore how rubbish my hair bow is and just use it as a reminder for you to do better yourself.

As snow white was released in 1938, she’s already vintage styled so there isn’t a lot we have to do to make this look extra ‘pinup’. She has perfect red lips, a pale complexion flushed with pink cheeks, and a black wavy bob, as best as we can make out. With the hair I took license and left my brush out long, but you can create a faux bob to create her authentic look, or even experiment with fingerwaves to give it a more intense, intricate vintage style that would still be recognisable as Snow together with your costume. Adding in seamed stockings or tights will add an extra pinup touch to the costume.

Above I’m wearing the Harley dress by Pinup Girl Clothing in yellow, a navy cropped cardigan I got years ago from New Look, the aforementioned crappy hair bow, a red slide belt also from PUG, and red mary jane patent heels from Funtasima which I got new on eBay. Here are the other colour appropriate items I’ve found that I think you can mix and match to get a pinup Snow White look. They cover dresses and separates, as well as range across different budgets, and obviously if you can find something similar not from these specific brands then that’s great. If you already own items in the right colour palettes, even better!

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