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I have a lot of dresses. I love them all, perhaps not equally, but a lot. More than most women love their clothes. So it frustrates me and saddens me somewhat when autumn, winter, even parts of spring (and summer here in the UK, to be honest) come around and require me to either trade in my sleeveless and strappy dresses or else layer them beneath a cardigan. And don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a cardigan. These days they’re a fashion staple, a downright given. I’m sure you, like I, own approximately 20 in different lengths and colours, necklines and sleeve lengths. They’re useful and warm, but there’s no escaping the fact that cardigans cover not only your arms but at least some of your dress too. And on some dresses, that is nothing more than a shame.

I own plenty of dresses with beautiful feature bustlines, gorgeous prints, even embroidered patterns. I recently bought a v-neck sleeveless dress with exquisite embroidery that winds all the way down from the shoulder straps over the bust and waist towards my hips. It makes me think of Christmas and feels especially appropriate to wear this time of year, but the lack of sleeves means that if I layer a cardigan atop it I cover up some of the beautiful embroidery that makes it so special.

Which is why I’m maybe a little too excited that I found Wingz. I stumbled across them on Facebook just a couple weeks ago and was immediately drawn in. Wingz is a line of sleeves that you can layer under almost any neckline dress or top because they’re designed as an under-top with a super low bustline that layers over your bra, creating sleeves you can layer under tops and dresses to keep warm without effecting the lay, cut or style of your clothes.

Wingz Fashion black half sleeve Wingz Fashion black half sleeve Wingz Fashion black half sleeve Wingz Fashion black half sleeve

Featured Item:
Black Half Length Fitted Stretch Wingz c/o Wingz Fashion

Additional outfit details:
Deanna dress from Chi Chi Clothing
Maroon patent ballet pumps from Primark
Cream Ivory Tulle skirt from eBay seller lam.uk8
Crochet Detail Black Pencil dress from eBay

It’s a simple and smart design, and part of me wondered if this would be one of those products that seems genius but doesn’t quite work in real life. But nope! They totally work. I ordered a pair of black fitted half sleeves in the size 1, suitable for a UK size 12-16, put it on under my dress and they were fine. The fit was spot on to the size charge, wearing it is comfortable and doesn’t feel weird or bulky sitting atop my bra. And, of course, it really does keep me warmer without effecting my dress, which is exactly what I wanted.

Wingz black half sleeve

How they work: Simply layer over whatever undergarments you want to wear before you put on your top or dress

These are a really great option for any woman who doesn’t live in a climate that enjoys year round warmth, as well as for women whose upper arms are a low confidence area. The Wingz come in sizes that fit the range of UK 6-28, in all different sleeve lengths and styles, and in different colours, prints and fabrics. I’m already eyeing up some white long sleeves and some black lace three quarter sleeves to make myself a little collection for adapting more of my wardrobe to the colder months.

Wingz are available in four sizes. The four sizes encompass the UK sizes 6 to 28, US sizes 4 to 26, and Euro sizes 34 to 56, and prices range from £9 to £24.99 for their more elaborate beaded sleeves. They are all available from their website

10 thoughts on “Cover Up In Style [Wingz]

  1. Very smart idea, well done that company! I think the key here is the neckline thing – I’ve got tonnes of plain tops I could theoretically put under things but all of their necklines mean it generally doesn’t work!


  2. Love the idea! Are they stretchy? How is the arm fit? I have larger arms and am holding off on some dresses with sleeves because of the tight arm reviews.


  3. What a wonderful solution!! In the past I found another company that does something similar but their garments feature a low scoop neck on one side and a plunge v on the other, also comes in many colors and styles of fabric, but they are significantly more expensive than the garments you featured from Wingz. I’m sure many women would find this useful! Thanks for sharing!!!


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