Shonna’ll Keep Me Warm [Hell Bunny]

Hell Bunny always release a selection of new coats in their new Autumn/Winter lines each year, this year releasing 7.

Top L to Bottom R: Elvira coat, Rock Noir coat, Bacall Trench, Lulu Coat

The new line is gorgeous but none of the coats were quite what I was looking for. I wanted faux fur for warmth and a bit of glamour, and I wanted the a-line shape that would define my waist but allow the flare of my skirts. The new range looked to me like they would sit too boxy on my frame, so I looked at their AW range from last year and decided their Shonna coat was perfect.

Originally available in teal, black and burgundy, it was the burgundy I really wanted. Since I was buying from a line a year old I had no luck finding the burgundy available in my size in the UK. I found some stocked on Canadian and German websites, but my budget wouldn’t allow the additional shipping costs and customs.  I opted for black, then, finding the £94.99 coat for £79.99 on eBay from seller violent-delights with free tracked postage.


If you love the Shonna coat then you’ll be glad to know you can still find it in some sizes on eBay shops and various vintage style clothing stockists online. This particular coat is true to the size chart–I chose the L/14 and it fits perfectly, not too snug in the shoulders nor short in the arms, something I often find with coats. I do wish it buttoned up differently, as the button clasp detail on the waist is mostly for show and it fastens with four hidden buttons underneath it which I struggle with somewhat with the thick fabric of the cost since they’re hidden. But that thick fabric is super warm and great quality, so if this is the quality of Hell Bunny coats in general then anyone eyeing up their new line will be glad to know the coats are warm and of good quality, particularly for the price when compared to similar designs offered by other retro clothing companies.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go skulk around outside for a bit just for an excuse to wear my fancy new coat.

10 thoughts on “Shonna’ll Keep Me Warm [Hell Bunny]

  1. I too,am a big Shonna cost lover.last year I bought the deep red and loved it so much this year I bought it in black! Nowing it was last year item fearful it would not be restocked snapped the black up in September.Boh were bought still Canadian stores !!!love ,love,gives me the perfect fit as well

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    • That’s both a blessing and a curse! I like having a glamorous coat but it’s definitely frustrating in winter that every pretty outfit has to get covered up entirely if you’re going to be spending much time outside or even just running errands in town.


  2. I bought the Elvira Coat in red last winter, and I can’t be happier! It’s very warm, and so beautiful that everybody stares at me in the street. Sometimes complete strangers ask me where did I buy it, and in the school where I’m a teacher the little girls have startet to call me “The Princess”. XDD


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