Doll Me Up, Darling!

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have seen past mentions of Doll Me Up . They’re my number one choice for getting LA Splash lip products delivered inexpensively to the UK, and my black evening dress gets a lot of wear, particularly as it’s easily thrown on when I make last minute plans. It’s comfortable and simple, yet people always compliment me on it. I’ve recently bought it in red and know that this dress, too, will become a wardrobe staple that receives constant wear.

Doll Me Up have really expanded their stock lines this year, offering a wide selection of cardigans, both cropped and not, one of the prettiest selections of hair scarves I’ve ever come across, and tons of separates to mix and match. More often than not I’m a dress wearing girl, but DMU have plenty to offer there too. Recently I got my little British paws on the Sunrise to Sunset dress, one I’ve been wanting for an age, and took to the Texan woods to photograph it for you with help of my dear friend Sarah.

Doll Me Up Darling Tootsie Cardigan sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling Tootsie Cardigan sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling Tootsie Cardigan sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling Tootsie Cardigan sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling Tootsie Cardigan sunrise to sunset Dress Doll Me Up Darling sunrise to sunset Dress

Dress & Matching Belt: Sunrise To Sunset Dress C/O Doll Me Up
Cardigan: Kelly Green Tootsie Cropped Cardigan C/O Doll Me Up
Shoes: Old H&M ballet flats
Petticoat used: Jennifer Petticoat by Malco Modes

All Photography by Sarah Forshaw

I got this dress in an XL, which is meant for 32inch waists. There isn’t a lot of stretch in the fabric as it’s 100% unlined cotton, but it sizes fairly generously, measuring 17inches across when laid flat, so it allows for 34 inch waists. It fits me perfectly, with some killer work going on for my boobs–for which I give many thanks. It closes with a back zipper, takes a full petticoat beautifully, and has two small side pockets perfect for storing your lipstick, a little cash and a compact.

The Tootsie Cropped Cardigan is a great love of mine, as it hits at the exact right spot to work with and highlight vintage high waists. In particular it sits at just the right spot above a full, petticoated-skirt, which can be hard to find in a cardigan, and it’s also soft and comfortable. I got mine in a size Lovely, made for 38-42 busts. I’m a 42 bust, and the fabric has good stretch, so it’s a good fit. I rock mine both in British summer and winter because it’s a great middle ground cardigan that’s not too thick or too thin. It’s perfect for layering, especially as it comes available in 24 colours, meaning you can get it in practically every colour that’s likely represented in your wardrobe.

Doll Me Up Darling Hair Scarves

I also received a Scallop Oblong Hair Scarf ($14.99) in yellow. While I was away I didn’t rock any updos that would do this scarf justice, so I don’t have any pictures yet wearing it, but it’s the prettiest headscarf I’ve ever seen thanks to the white piped scalloped edges, so I can’t wait until my next beehive to break it out. This scarf comes available in 6 different colours, and DMU offer other classic sheer headscarves in literally dozens of colours, so you can easily find a headscarf to match every outfit.

Doll Me Up offer free domestic shipping for all US orders as well as super affordable shipping for International customers. They’re also busy planning their Black Friday deals, so make sure to follow their newsletter and their social media (their Facebook & Instagram) to be the first to find out what their holiday bargains will be.

9 thoughts on “Doll Me Up, Darling!

  1. You look fantastic! Sarah did a great job with these photos – they’re so lovely! I love Doll Me Up, Darling! I haven’t bought much besides their Vixen Vondetta tops but always go there for tops due to their fair prices. Love when I can stock up on basic tops, etc.!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s definitely great to have somewhere to go to get lots of basics or accessories for a decent price. As someone who gets a lot of her pinup pieces from America and often has no choice but to pay expensive international delivery, I also really appreciate they offer several international delivery options across different prices.


  2. Lovely dress and pictures! This Bernie Dexter paired with the green cardigan and shoes is a delightful combination. I love Doll Me Up for basic separates, perfect to pair with fancier and unique things. I’m glad to hear that you had such a wonderful trip and visit with your friend Sarah. 🙂


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