Getting Reacquainted With Bernie

My first and only ever review of Bernie Dexter dresses was over a year and a half ago, when I was very new to blogging and still fairly new to being a pinup. At that time I’d tried several repro clothing brands but not nearly as many as I have now. My wardrobe had quickly and largely become full of Pinup Girl Clothing, still my favourite brand for top quality retro inspired pieces offered in a variety of styles and at a reasonable price for the high quality presented.

Comparatively, the Bernie Dexter dresses I tried were…kind of disappointing. I had a bad experience with the delivery, since UPS can be a pain in the ass to receive an international parcel from, as they don’t pre-alert you of the customs fee demanded upon delivery and arranging pre-delivery can be tricky sometimes. That aside, I opened my package of 3 Bernie dresses to discover they were shorter than, less well fitted, and made of less fabric than the dresses I was accustomed to, as well as being unlined and lightweight. And despite all that, they were more expensive than my usual Pinup Girl Clothing buys, which aren’t exactly cheap themselves. Add in the hugely costly shipping and custom fees and I was not just disappointed but massively out of pocket. Continue reading

Doll Me Up, Darling!

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll have seen past mentions of Doll Me Up . They’re my number one choice for getting LA Splash lip products delivered inexpensively to the UK, and my black evening dress gets a lot of wear, particularly as it’s easily thrown on when I make last minute plans. It’s comfortable and simple, yet people always compliment me on it. I’ve recently bought it in red and know that this dress, too, will become a wardrobe staple that receives constant wear.

Doll Me Up have really expanded their stock lines this year, offering a wide selection of cardigans, both cropped and not, one of the prettiest selections of hair scarves I’ve ever come across, and tons of separates to mix and match. More often than not I’m a dress wearing girl, but DMU have plenty to offer there too. Recently I got my little British paws on the Sunrise to Sunset dress, one I’ve been wanting for an age, and took to the Texan woods to photograph it for you with help of my dear friend Sarah.

Doll Me Up Darling Tootsie Cardigan sunrise to sunset Dress Continue reading

Getting to Know Bernie (Ms Dexter If You’re Nasty)

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I have a fairly extensive repro wardrobe, but one popular brand missing from it until recently was Bernie Dexter. Going all out, for my first Bernie Dexter purchase I bought not one but three dresses. Typically the lovely dresses designed by this international pinup model fall outside of the per item budget I will allow myself to spend on a dress, but I happened to find that a host of dresses in the clearance section of her site were down to $80 a few weeks ago, almost half their usual price tag. So for the sake of this blog, and not at all because I am a dress buying fiend, I splurged.

Splurged is the right word, not so much because of the dresses but because shipping of these 3 lightweight items cost an astounding $70. SEVENTY DOLLARS. This is the first problem I had with my purchase, and it came very close to me refusing to place an order at all because even for international delivery that is outrageous. Continue reading