How To: Setting Hair Extensions 

If you’ve read my past tutorial on using the Sculpture Pincurl Tool to wetset your hair then you’ll know it produces incredible waves as the curls are so tight, but for that reason on those of us with short or mid length hair our set can bounce up pretty high. It produces a beautiful set, but on me personally I like my hair to fall a little longer even when set, and for that reason a few months back I bought myself a couple sets of clip in hair extensions.

The easiest way to guide you through how to set your hair using clip in extensions is to show you, so I’ve filmed the process, including all the information on how to choose what hair pieces you want, and the brush out. Since the hot to video explaining and showing the process is so in depth and lengthy I’ve set the brush out process as a separate video, as I figured ladies who are confident with their vintage hair sets might not be as interested in viewing that part of the process.

I had some filming issues (ie, the camera shutting off during the actual setting of my hair, typical) so I had to film in two parts, unfortunately, but all the information is still included so I hope I answer every question you have. I’ve linked below to the seller I bought my hair pieces from, but the rest of the information is included in the videos. If you still have any questions after viewing the videos and reading below then feel free to ask in the comments.

The set I use are Remy 100% real human hair in Deep Red Wine that I bought here on eBay. I bought 20″ but cut mine shorter after deciding I didn’t want them that long, so I should have just bought the 16″ set. Bear that in mind after watching the video if you, like me, want more bulk and only a little length rather than a lot of length.



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