Vendula London Unique Bags

Vendula London is a British company that produces all manner of bags, purses and accessories in quirky, fun and cute designs. I’ve featured them before here on the blog when I reviewed one of their clutches and kiss lock bags, and now that their Spring line is ready it’s time to take another look at them.

In the past year or so, I’ve found that becoming a pinup has meant I’ve begun travelling far more than I used to. Some of that involves travelling to photoshoots on modelling jobs, some of that is attending events as a blogger, and some of it is just travelling to spend time with some of my pinup friends I’ve met within the community who don’t happen to live near me.

Vendula Recipe Weekender Bag

The most typical trip is that every month or so I find myself heading up to London for a day trip or a weekend, and every time I dread dragging my small suitcase around behind me as I switch from train to tube to foot back to tube again. Yes, it’s on wheels, but it’s bulky and I feel like I’m getting in people’s way when I have to stop at the top and bottom of stairs and escalators to adjust my hold on it or slide away the suitcase’s extended handle. I keep meaning to get a weekend bag so that I don’t need to bring my suitcase on trips when I want to pack lightly but it’s one of those things that slips my mind until it’s time to dig my suitcase out again and then it’s too late for that trip.

Finally, my problem has been solved. The Recipe Weekender bag by Vendula is the perfect size for my weekends away and, of course, is flippin’ cute. The canvas bag is accented with a bunch of adorable shabby chic style appliques, from a recipe book, scales, and ingredient lists to assorted jars, bottles and saucepans, with a touch of gingham and floral prints to boot. It’s sweet, cute and reminds me of a homey kitchen in a small English cottage.

Vendula Recipe Weekender BagVendula Recipe Weekender BagVendula Recipe Weekender Bag

Vendula Recipe Weekender Bag

Vendula Recipe Weekender Bag

Vendula Recipe Weekender Bag

Vendula Recipe Weekender Bag Bag: Recipe Weekender Bag C/O Vendula London
Earrings: Black & Gold Confetti Clip Ons by Put On The Ritz
Brooch: Yellow Bluebird of Happiness Brooch by Erstwilder
Cardigan: Sage Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Skirt: Custom made by Pinsandneedlespinup Etsy
Belt: White Sateen Belt with Grommets by Pinup Girl Clothing

Even though I knew this was a weekender bag, I still didn’t quite expect it to be so big when it arrived. That was a bonus, as vintage style dresses with more-than-full-circle skirts take up a fair amount of room when it comes to packing and this bag is big enough to easily fit one of my puffy dresses and all my overnight essentials with room to spare. I could either fit an extra two dresses in there as well, or else actually manage to squeeze in a petticoat, which is the one item I find most frustrating to pack.

It comes with a detachable canvas shoulder strap, little faux cherry pulls on the zips, 3 interior pockets, and is fully lined in waterproof fabric. Studded feet on the bottom of the bag means it won’t get dusty or dirty when you set it down, and there’s a zipped pocket on the back of the bag for storing all those essentials you need in easy reach, where I will always, always store a lipbalm.

This Recipe design from their new Spring/Summer range is additionally available in a makeup bag, luggage tag, and coin purse, so if you love to have a matching set then you can get yourself totally sorted as such for your own weekends away. This weekender bag costs £87.50 and qualifies for their free shipping over £60 offer. The rest of their SS16 range includes designs featuring a sushi shop front, a chocolatiers shop front, a ladies day theme and a tea party theme. I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces to show you below to give you an idea of Vendula’s full quirky and unique range, since they’re just so different


Do you like quirky or novelty bags? What’s your favourite way to mix it in with your vintage style?

5 thoughts on “Vendula London Unique Bags

  1. Ah!! I love them all! However, I am a total bag lady. I need a bag like I need a hole in the head. However, I am an equal opportunity bag user. No bag goes unused….but still….my closet runneth over! Maybe one day I’ll trade those all in for a quirky bag from this vendor. Love it!


    • I’m really bad at swapping out my bags. I don’t have a ton, but I do have probably 5 or 6 that I have to match out for different accessories. Since I mostly wear red shoes, my red handbag gets used most though


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