Vendula London Funky Bags

Typically I’m not one for statement accessories beyond a big crystal necklace. I tend to play it safe and classic with my style choices, even though that sometimes means I fall in love with a lemon wedge shaped clutch bag or a handbag shaped like a house and talk myself out of buying it because I’m not sure how to wear it. Every once in a while I realise how silly that is, since my motto in general is to wear whatever you want because life is too short not to indulge in even the smallest of things that make you happy. Which is why today I’m writing about Vendula London.

Vendula London is, in case you couldn’t guess, a UK based brand, who are 100% animal friendly. They offer a range of unique, funky and quirky bags, from clutch bags to handbags, totes to cosmetic bags, luggage tags, tablet cases, you name it. They’re stocked globally, and when I saw some of their book style clutch bags and quaint traditional English building inspired bags I fell in love.

Seriously?? Adorbs!

I mean, come on. A box bag shaped like a little English cottage? A handbag reminiscent of a traditional British pub? Just too cute. It made my face crumple up into my ‘that is too cute, I can’t handle it’ face.

I was allowed to choose two items from their new line, so I challenged myself to step outside my style comfort zone and embrace the quirk.

Vendula London bagsVendula London Happy Hour clutch bag Vendula London Happy Hour clutch bag Vendula London Home Sweet Home Clip Fastened bag Vendula London Home Sweet Home Clip Fastened bag navyVendula London Home Sweet Home Clip Fastened bag navy

Happy Hour Velvet Clutch Bag c/o Vendula London (£60)
Home Sweet Home Clip Fastened Bag c/o Vendula London (£55)

 Additional Outfit Info:
Ivory petticoat skirt by eBay seller lam.uk8
Sophia gingham top by Collectif
Oatmeal cropped cardigan from Pinup Girl Clothing
Burgundy ballet flats by Primark

These bags are great quality. I have a real thing about jewel toned velvet, whether in shoes, clothes or accessories, so even though I am a life-long non-drinker I really loved the Happy Hour bag, particularly with its gold script and border. It felt a bit like the book style clutch bags Vendula also offers, which I love, and burgundy is one of my favourite colours. My other favourite colour is, you guessed it, navy blue, so there’s no surprise I opted for the navy Home Sweet Home Clip Fastened bag.


I love bags that remind me of vintage carpets and upholstery, in a good way. There’s something comforting and nostalgic about them, and the Home Sweet Home bag is exactly that kind of piece. I love the design work on the bag, and it’s just big enough that it can easily fit all the things I truly need when I leave the house but not so big that I can fit everything I also think I need but don’t, then end up regretting once I’ve been carrying a heavy bag all day.

Similarly, the Happy Hour clutch bag is also a great size for a clutch because you can actually fit more than your phone and a bank card inside, which I’m thankful for as few things annoy me more than an evening bag that doesn’t even have room for a lipstick in addition to your phone. How do you expect me to enjoy my evening if I have to choose between looking pretty and taking selfies? Those things go hand in hand! The fact that it has a little zipper compartment is also really useful because it means you can keep your money safely zipped without risk of it tumbling out if your bag accidentally gets upended. You know, if you are enjoying the bag’s namesake–happy hour–just a little bit too much.

Both bags are available direct from Vendula London from their website and in their London brick-and-mortar store.

6 thoughts on “Vendula London Funky Bags

  1. OMG, I NEEEEEEED that happy hour clutch!! I love your blog and the few others I read, but it only makes me wish I was dripping with money so I can have all the pretty things :-/ Le sigh.


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