Vendula Creative Bags [Downton Edition] 

Vendula London Downton Black Book Cover Clutch Bag

I have a massive thing for hard cased or structural bags. Whether it’s a wicker box purse, a vintage-style acrylic handbag, a sturdy frame handbag or a well structured clutch, I always just find them to be so interesting and chic. One of my particular favourites within this field is the somewhat new trend of the book clutchbag.

Bags that look like books are just too cute for me to handle, bookworm that I am. I’ve fawned over many of them, but I kept waiting for the specific cover art that would best suit my wardrobe. Over time my bookcase continually overflowed but nothing novel was being added to my bag collection. I kept waiting. And then earlier this year, while modelling for Vendula London‘s AW16 line, I discovered they were offering a new book clutch for this season, and a gorgeous one at that. The time had come! Continue reading

Vendula London Funky Bags

Typically I’m not one for statement accessories beyond a big crystal necklace. I tend to play it safe and classic with my style choices, even though that sometimes means I fall in love with a lemon wedge shaped clutch bag or a handbag shaped like a house and talk myself out of buying it because I’m not sure how to wear it. Every once in a while I realise how silly that is, since my motto in general is to wear whatever you want because life is too short not to indulge in even the smallest of things that make you happy. Which is why today I’m writing about Vendula London.

Vendula London is, in case you couldn’t guess, a UK based brand, who are 100% animal friendly. They offer a range of unique, funky and quirky bags, from clutch bags to handbags, totes to cosmetic bags, luggage tags, tablet cases, you name it. They’re stocked globally, and when I saw some of their book style clutch bags and quaint traditional English building inspired bags I fell in love.

Seriously?? Adorbs! Continue reading