Rosie Posey [Voodoo Vixen]

rosievvNot many of you will know this, but Mumma May’s name is Rosemary, resulting in my siblings and I often calling her Rosie Posey because she is adorable and so are we (sometimes.) So I was pretty pleased when I discovered that this pastel floral dress from Voodoo Vixen’s new SS line is called Rosie. It’s a dress I’ve been eyeing for a couple of months already anyway, after seeing pictures of my darling friend Scarlett Luxe rocking it while modelling for them, but the name just sealed the deal that Rosie would be joining my ever-growing closet. She’s a floaty spring time dream, and I was super happy to get my mint-tipped fingers on her.

Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16 Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16 Voodoo Vixen Rosie Dress SS16

Dress: Rosie dress C/O Voodoo Vixen
Hair Flower: Single White Debbie Dahlia by Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Heels: Old season Truffle

Rosie is a pale blue dress sporting a pink and green floral print, and there’s even a few bluebells scattered throughout the print, which pleases me greatly as seeing the grounds of the woods near my house blanketed by thick purple in bluebells season is one of my favourite parts of the year.

This dress has three quarter length sleeves, a V-neck leading to a pleated bust, and decorative fabric-covered buttons down the centre of the bodice. It’s got a flared skirt which isn’t a full circle, perhaps only a half circle, so it will only take a petticoat of light to medium volume. The slimmer fullness of the skirt means it makes a really pretty practical piece for daily wear or for ladies who prefer the cut of tea dresses over full-skirted 50s styles.

There is, of course, the Voodoo Vixen staple of pockets, as is typically the case in their flared dresses. It also closes with a back zipper, something else I’m always extremely grateful for because few things irk me as much as trying to get a dress with a side-zipper on over a face full of pinup makeup and carefully crafted vintage hair.

I really love the colours of this dress. Pink florals are pretty much the only way I can stomach to wear pink and I think it’s exceptionally pretty and delicate paired with this shade of blue. I love that it’s such a springlike print but that the sleeves still allow for some coverage and a little added warmth, something that’s super useful for the kind of mild weathered springs we get here in the UK.

I opted for this dress in my usual Voodoo Vixen XL, which typically run a little larger than the size chart. The chart lists 33 inch waists for their XL, but this dress flat measures at 36 inches in the waist and stretches to 38 inches, so be aware it runs large and you may need to size down to get a snug fit through the waist. I did find the bust measurement to ring true to the size chart at 40 inches, but I managed to stretch it to 43 inches so there’s some give there too. Just remember to take into account the fact that this is a sleeved dress, because you don’t want to size down and find it’s too tight across the shoulders or in the arms. My arms are pretty chubtastic currently and they fit this comfortably in the XL, so I can assure you that the sleeves run to a reasonable fit.

The Rosie dress costs £49.99 but using the discount code MISSAMY20 will get you 20% off across the site until October. The Rosie dress is available in sizes S-XL from Voodoo Vixen, who ship internationally. This same dress style will be coming in a more vibrant print later in the SS release schedule, so keep an eye out for that, but plus size ladies will be happy to know that while this Rosie dress is currently available in extended plus sizes, that vibrantly hued Judy dress is already available in XXL-4XL.

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