A Heart of Haute Picnic [Picnic Circle Skirt]

If you read the blog on Monday then you will have seen me reviewing the Heart of Haute gingham Sarah dress. The first time I saw a picture of that dress I fell in love, wanting it in both the coral and teal green colourways, but since I’m (supposed to be??) a responsible, restrained adult I thought I ought to be a sensible and limited myself to buying only one dress.

…And then I ended up with the teal gingham print Picnic Circle Skirt as well anyway, so life is good and adulthood really isn’t as bad as everyone says it is so what’s the big deal??! (Remind me of this joke in a couple weeks when I have to pay all my bills. I won’t be laughing then.)

Spring and summer, to me, is all about gingham. I do love florals, the occasional polka dot, and other fun, bold prints, but gingham is not only summery and fresh, but it’s a timeless and less innocuous way of rocking a print for those who fear or dislike novelty. It’s cliché to wear gingham on a picnic because red and white picnic blankets are over presented in picnic pictures and scenes, but damnit, some clichés are just worth fulfilling–because they’re just so good. It’s a classic. And who am I to knock a classic? So, yes, we’re picnicking again, darlings, crack open your pop bottle and pass the cake.

Heart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta Shirt Heart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta Shirt Heart of Haute Picnic Skirt and Gretta Shirt white Heart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta ShirtHeart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta Shirt Heart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta ShirtHeart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta ShirtHeart of Haute Teal Green Picnic Gingham Circle Skirt Gretta Shirt

Skirt: Jade Green Picnic Circle Skirt C/O Heart of Haute
Top: Gretta Shirt C/O Heart of Haute
Shoes: Tan Woven Ankle Strap Block Heels by New Look
Wicker Bag: Old season Primark
Dark Wooden Bangles: Old season Dorothy Perkins/eBay
Woven Bangle: Natural Woven Bamboo Bangles 3 pack by Splendette
Bamboo Bangle: Bamboo Bangles 8 pack from Pinup Girl Clothing

I own a lot of gingham pieces and often find myself falling in love with yet more, but it’s because ginghams of diverse colours and check sizes each offer something different. Plus, I think there’s nothing wrong with having a checkered selection of happiness available in your wardrobe. Considering that, I love that the gingham on this print is big and bold, as it feels fun and happy. Plus, this teal green is not a colour I recall ever finding another gingham piece in before now, so it’s something unique. Add in the fact that this skirt is a full circle with perfect twirl factor and just the right length at 25.5inches below the waistband and I’m a happy lassie.

One thing to note with the Picnic circle skirt is that it’s more true to size than the gingham Sarah dress I reviewed previously. The Heart of Haute XL is for 32-33 inch waists and this XL skirt flat measures 33 inches in the waist with next to no stretch, as it’s made from 100% cotton and has a 2 deep inch waistband. Take your measurements and make sure to check the size chart for your correct size.

Just like a good summer gingham, a crisp, white shirt is another classic that’s not to be overlooked and this Gretta shirt is definitely a classic. I’ve heard many people rave about the tops and sweaters Heart of Haute make but have never got around to trying one. Now that I own this Gretta, I understand the hype. The cut and design are not just timeless but versatile and flattering. This shirt is clearly a great work appropriate piece, but I love that the flattering cut makes it a perfect addition to your social wardrobe as well, as easily paired with wiggle and swing skirts as with trousers. Sometimes adding a well cut, simple top to an outfit gives it far more polish than that plain top is given credit for, and this top is exactly of that ilk. Mature but not dowdy, simple but not boring, classic but not over-played, conservative but not plain, this shirt walks just the right line every time.

I love the revere collar and the fact that it can’t get mussed or stand up in the back, which I always seem to do every time I put on a jacket or coat. I find the half sleeves really comfortable, something that is rarely the case in cotton sleeved shirts thanks to my incredibly powerful and impressed biceps (read more honestly as: I’m pretty strong, but I also eat too much cake.) It’s got a little spandex in it that does allow for a bit more give and comfort than 100% cotton, and size-wise the waist flat measures at 37 inches, with a couple inches stretch in it, so it sizes generously for a HoH XL and you might need to consider sizing down if you want a truly snug fit. The buttons don’t strain for me in the XL, which I appreciate as nothing ruins the look of a crisp white shirt more than buttons ready to pop off, so for me the more relaxed fit really lends itself to comfort and ease of movement.

The Picnic circle skirt comes available in this teal green and a coral gingham, both in sizes S-1X for $72. They also offer this circle skirt in a variety of other prints and patterns, including florals, plaid, and assorted novelty prints. The Gretta top comes available in sizes XS-2X in black, white and red, costing $52. Heart of Haute ship internationally and the coupon code Haute10 will get your 10% off your order.

3 thoughts on “A Heart of Haute Picnic [Picnic Circle Skirt]

  1. You are such a breath of fresh air in this outfit! You can tell how comfy and lovely you feel. That last photo of you lying on the picnic blanket! Ah! Gorgeous! This color works for you and you glow in white – whatever, girl! Love it!


  2. I too love gingham..nearly as much as florals…I am thinking they may be the next hole I fill…and that top!!! You of course are always a favorite!


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