Purse Perfection [Lola Von Rose]

Lola Von Rose is a brand-spanking new handbag company, launched in early July and offering vintage-inspired box purses reminiscent of lucite lovelies so popular in our favourite eras past.

I happened upon the brand while scrolling through Instagram and immediately got excited about them. I couldn’t believe these perfect little purses could be out there, existing in the world, without my knowing, so it reassured me to discover that the company was new and I wasn’t habitually missing out incredible vintage-style products that everyone else knew about. No, it’s fine, Lola Von Rose are small and new, but I don’t think they’ll be that way for long. With purses like these, I fully expect them to be a vintage-style household name within our community soon enough.

Lola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box Purse Lola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box PurseLola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box PurseLola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box PurseLola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box PurseLola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box PurseLola Von Rose Black Acrylic Vintage Style Box PurseBag: Black purse C/O Lola Von Rose
Dress: Lady In Black Tea Dress by Shop Bluebelle
Shoes: Old Season Espadrilles by F&F at Tesco
Cardigan: Old season Primark

Made of Acrylic, this purse features a wide curved handle and sturdy gold clasps and hinges. It has a beautiful glossy finish, so prepare to find yourself lovingly polishing off any smudgy fingermarks left by people who will excitedly grab for your bag to get a closer look, because they will.

For those of us who love the vintage style, purses like this scream vintage perfection, but even within just a couple days of owning this bag I found it appealed to women of all style aesthetics. My best friend, who has no retro leanings, loved how funky and different it was. Meanwhile partygoers at a 30th birthday celebration I attended a couple weekends back could not get over how cool it was, asking me to open it to show them what was inside as if they found the purse so wholly unique that they felt the items I was carrying must be other-worldly too. (It caused some amusement that inside I had a jumbled mess of makeup products for touch ups, my sunglasses, a box of spare hair grips, loose change and an array of debit & credit cards, my tangled car key-chain including novelty cow keyring, and my iPhone, which was secretly lockscreened on the PokemonGo app. Because yes, you can look like a very polished and together retro loving lady on the outside while truly being a messy, cluttered modern woman-child on the inside.)

For such a small looking bag compared to our modern shoulder-slung lady sacks, you can tell from my embarrassingly revelation above that it’s still easy to fit all your essentials inside. The purse measures 9.5 inches in length and 3.25 inches high, not including the handle, and is 4.75 inches wide. There’s no inner pocket, but as long as you have a small coin purse or a little card holder wallet, it’s easy to make sure you have everything you need with you without having to sacrifice too many going-out fundamentals.

This bag is currently available in black and red, but they’ll also be stocking white and pink purses in September. I really cannot overstate how much I love this purse, to the extent that I’ve already ordered the red and cannot wait until September to buy the white too. (I’m sure that if I had any love at all for the colour pink I would want to snap that up too.) It’s a little box of perfection and I’m so pleased my Instagram wanderings lead me to discover Lola Von Rose.

At only $64, this purse comes with all the reassurance of a new, unused modern product without the hefty price tag of a true vintage piece. Sometimes Lola Von Rose offer discount codes on their site, so be sure to check the top of the page for a discount alert banner while you shop. They ship internationally, offering shipping from $23 to Canada and from $25 for everywhere else, and domestic US shipping starts at just $12 for a single purse.


4 thoughts on “Purse Perfection [Lola Von Rose]

  1. How would I ever decide…pale colors might show dirt? but hide mars…darker colors would not show dirt, but show mars…either way I will be getting myself one, just as soon as I can decide on a color!


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