Lipsticks As Pretty As Vintage [Lola Von Rose]

Lola Von Rose vegan cruelty free made in USA vintage liquid lipsticks gold Miss Amy May

We all have our favourite liquid lipstick, typically as a result of having tried and tested about 15 formulas that provided varying degrees of successful wear. They all usually promise the same thing, long-lasting highly pigmented colour, which is what we all want and need to finish off our vintage look with a red lip that won’t need touching up every other hour. Whether your favourite liquid lipstick is high end or drugstore, there’s one thing I can guarantee it doesn’t give you that Lola Von Rose lipsticks do; your old favourite definitely isn’t providing you with this level of glamorous vintage-look packaging.

Lola Von Rose vegan cruelty free Vintage liquid lipstick Miss Amy May

Shade: ‘Vintage’

Lola Von Rose is a small one-woman owned and run company based in Florida, focused on producing modern reproductions of beautiful vintage inspired pieces. First that meant acrylic box handbags, available in a range of colours, most of which I own and all of which are prized possessions in my wardrobe. Now, that means vegan cruelty-free, made in the USA high quality liquid lipsticks in gold metallic packaging that would fit in seamlessly with the other vintage lipsticks on your vanity.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty.

Lola Von Rose vintage vegan cruelty free liquid lipsticks swatches Victorian Roses, Pink Roses, Red Roses, Retro Red, Vintage review

Left natural light, Right with flash. Top to Bottom: Victorian Roses, Pink Roses, Red Roses, Retro Red, Vintage.

Victorian Rose, Pink Roses, Red Roses, Retro Red, Vintage liquid lipsticks
C/O Lola Von Rose

Formula and finish – A beautiful creamy consistency that’s not watery, nor too thick. Easy to apply without making mistakes. Highly pigmented, one-swipe colour payoff. Lightweight, comfortable feel on the lips. Lightly scented with a pleasant sweet, sugary scent that fades once applied. Matte effect finish but is not transfer proof. Soft finish that does not feel tacky, doesn’t feel dry, won’t crack.

Lola Von Rose vegan cruelty free made in USA vintage liquid lipsticks gold Miss Amy May review

Packaging – Obviously, a massive stand-out feature of these lipsticks and a selling point in and of itself. Packaged in a gold metallic tube, each lipstick has a heart shaped shade window on each side to display the colour. Lid is stamped with a black cursive ‘L’ and the shade name is printed in a vintage typewriter-reminiscent script on a brown sticker at the base of each tube.

Lola Von Rose vegan cruelty free made in USA vintage liquid lipsticks gold Miss Amy May review

Applicator wand – Doe’s foot wand is slimline and neat, making application easy compared to fatter, ‘hairier’ wands I’ve encountered from some popular high end brands.

Victorian Rose – A mauve pink.

Pink Roses – A bright, blue toned hot pink. Think Barbies and raspberry sorbet.

Red Roses – A rich, warm cherry red.

Retro Red – A rich bright blue red (pictured on the left.)

Vintage – A dark cranberry red.

Now, if you’ve read previous liquid lipstick reviews I’ve written you’ll know I tend to prefer a transfer-proof formula. The benefit of such formulas is obvious, but they can easily have the downsides of being very drying on the lips, uncomfortable to wear, and layering poorly when touched up.

Lola Von Rose vegan cruelty free made in USA vintage liquid lipsticks gold Miss Amy May

Shade: ‘Pink Roses’

This Lola Von Rose formula isn’t transfer proof, but it’s a very secure, ‘safe’ feeling formula on my lips, meaning I don’t feel it’s going to smudge easily and it only has a light transfer rate. The benefits of such a formula is that it’s more comfortable to wear long term and that it can be removed easily without requiring an oil based remover and some intense scrubbing. That means if you want to switch colours throughout the day or apply a completely fresh lip after eating or drinking, you only need a tissue or a wipe to remove it for your reset. That’s also especially beneficial if you reach the end of a date and don’t want to be wearing a lipstick of any long-lasting degree any longer, since there are literally no lipsticks that can outlast a decent kissing session, no matter what the movies tell us.

These Lola Von Rose lipsticks are, basically, liquid lipsticks for women who hate liquid lipsticks,which is always far more women than I anticipate, as someone who has worn almost nothing else for the past 3 years.

The verdict? I love them. They’re a different formula to the liquid lipsticks I’ve gotten used to wearing in recent years, but in a very positive, more comfortable way that means I will definitely be using them regularly when I can prioritize comfort over transfer-proofing. The shades are gorgeous, and I know several people who are bound to gawp in wonder when I pull such a beautiful lipstick out of my bag for touch ups. A lovely addition to any vintage-lover’s makeup bag.

Lola Von Rose liquid lipsticks come in 16 shades currently, from the expected pink and red tones through to black, and cost $16 each, available to be shipped internationally.

Lola Von Rose vegan cruelty free made in USA vintage liquid lipsticks gold Miss Amy May

2 thoughts on “Lipsticks As Pretty As Vintage [Lola Von Rose]

  1. I love a good beauty review, and this does not disappoint! What a gorgeous set of colours, and that packaging really is the cherry on top. I really like you in pink lipstick colours too! It’s a refreshing change from the go-to pinup red we are all used too. Beautiful as always! x


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